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Air Line Pilots Association

Worldwatch Institute

Cooper Development Association

National Right to Work Foundation (NRTW)
... Defending workers since 1968 A non-profit organization providing free legal aid to employees whose rights have been violated by compulsory unionism abuses.

UA Local Unions and other Union Links

AFL-CIO Labor Day Festival

IAM District Lodge 141
IAM District Lodge 141-M
... International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers. Mechanics, Ramp workers and Customer Service.

Rotary Club of Lake Stevens, Washington

Myrtle Creek Lions
... Myrtle Creek, OR, Lions Club International: MD36E

Official LinkedIn Blog
LinkedIn Privacy Articles
United States Submarine Veterans on
Dan Oliver Gospel Musician at Tate Music Group on

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Consumer Information

... The ultimate source for consumer empowerment. They aggregate your questions, suggestions, complaints and compliments with others, and their own dynamic letter generator allows you to communicate more effectively with desired companies. Their comprehensive corporate directory, consumer-related news, company ratings and links to consumer resources will remove the stress from and add power to your experience as a consumer.

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Miscellaneous Companies

DR Pepper

LEGO World Wide Web
... Lego (toy) Company.


Jacks Lock Service (W)
... Honolulu, HI


Texas Instruments
Home Page for Users of TI Calculators and Educational Solutions
... Texas Instruments is preparing students around the world for the challenges of tomorrow by providing the best instructional tools available today.

Starfish Software's Webb page (W)

Walt Disney (W)

MCA (universal pictures) (W)

Bluebird Cafe (W)
... Located in Nashvill Tennessee. Inc. (W)

LapLink on the Net (W)
... Traveling Software Co. Send tips to or call their BBS at 206.485.1736.

Ventana (W)
... A software company marketing "SurfWatch" the Internet Guardian.

Delorme (W)
... A software company marketing "Street Atlas and Phone Search".

Envisions Solutions Technology, Inc. (W)
... Envisions is the country's leading direct sales source for desktop scanning hardware, software, and peripherals. D/L "Presto" a scanner program.

Aztechca (W)
... A multimedia company.

Xerox (W)
... The Document Company.

Motorola (W)

Novell Corporation (W)

Magnavox (W)

Toyota Corp. (W)

... Businesses on the Net with pages hosted by UltraNet.

DHL Worldwide Express
FedEx Package Tracking
United Parcel Service (UPS)
United Parcel Service (UPS) USA site
UPS Package Tracking
United States Postal Service (USPS)
U.S. Postal Service Global (USPS)
Airborne Express
DHX - Hawaii
... Package and Letter Shipping Companies.

M. Dyer and Sons, Inc
... Hawaii's finest team of professional movers.

Hawaiian Rock
... Guam.

... My favorite product is:
Super Tuff Shelves
No. 4418-5
5 shelf unit
40"L x 18"W x 72"H
The strong Structural Foam shelf holds up to 250 lbs. per shelf. Shelves have slots for mounting tools.

Procter and Gamble
Puffs Tissue
... P&G products.

Lakewood Engineering & Manufacturing Company
... Lakewood, founded in 1946, is an engineering and manufacturing operation that produces a full range of consumer and commercial grade electrical fans, portable heaters and is the producer of metal and plastic Christmas tree stands.
Lakewood Engineering & Manufacturing Company
501 N. Sacramento Boulevard
Chicago, IL 60612
Phone: (773) 722-4300
Fax: (773) 722-1541
Service Department 1-800-621-4277

RAP Express, Inc.
... RAP Express, Inc. has been serving Colorado's Front Range communities since 1984. The pride themselves on superior customer service and timely deliveries.

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Jiffy Lube

... Submarine Sandwich store franchises.

... Subs (lunch sandwich) a fast food franchise opportunity. Unlike typical fast food, QUIZNO'S product is fresher and tastier. The upscale dining room is more comfortable.

Geeks On Call - Computer Repair, Service, Networking
... On site computer repair, service, and support for home or office. Call toll-free to schedule service: 1-800-905-GEEK. On site upgrades, troubleshooting, virus removal, security, support contracts, phone tech support and more.

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Phone Rates and Telephone Carries

... Cut your phone bill. These web sites can help you keep your phone costs low. These web sites described here continually review a wide variety of long-distance plans, and most let you tailor your search to plans that match your calling pattern. But use the information you glean from them only as a guide. Carriers adjust their rates often, so the prices that are compared may not always be the most current. And the web sites are often paid by the phone companies, so they may not always offer the best price for your needs. Once armed with up-to-date rate data, be prepared to haggle. Call your current service provider and request that it match the best price you've found. If the company balks, don't hesitate to switch.

TeleTruth - Alliance for Customers' Telecommunications Rights
PRESS RELEASE: TeleTruth Announced
TeleTruth Frequently Asked Questions
... TeleTruth is a national, independent, customer alliance focusing telecom and broadband issues. The organization was created to defend the public interests, educate and inform the public to combat monopoly control of critical telecommunications infrastructure, promote fairness, innovation and competition and accelerate (encourage) the deployment of advanced networks and new forms of communications.
About Sitemap
Alphabetical list to foreign white pages and yellow pages online by Country
... Created by Rich Sayers of Martinez, California. Always a bargain hunter who enjoys sharing consumer tips with other folks, Sayers found in his own investigations of phone plans that a lot of money could be saved.

Phone Bill ALERT
... Get paid to help other consumers, by watching your phone bill and reporting rate or fee increases to

Free Long Distance Phone Rates Comparison

10 10 Dial Around Plans

A Bell Tolls
... There's no customized rate-comparison feature, but this site does have extensive information about current offerings from a long list of companies as well as on calling cards and dial-around services.

... Searches the offerings of a dozen companies for international and domestic rates, though it will let you search only one call at a time.
... Compares prices for eight carriers. may have technical problems using the site.
... Rates the prices offered by ten companies but doesn't provide a detailed personalized analysis of your bill.

Telecommunications Research and Action Center (TRAC)
... The nonprofit Telecommunications Research & Action Center compares seven carriers' plans.

Utility Consumers Action Network
... A one stop shop for your telecom needs, dealing with everything from long distance service to pay phones and cell phones. There are also links that compare different phone plans.
The Cell Phone Data Eraser
... Cell phone donations to ReCellular help domestic violence victims and other US charities. Corporate and individual programs. Donate a cell phone to be refurbished. Protect the environment; help people. Now you can sell, donate or recycle your old cell phone worry free! The Cell Phone Data Eraser gives you all the tools you need to remove personal information like contact names and phone numbers from your cell phone.

United States Telecom Association (USTA)
... USTA is the oldest and largest trade association for the local exchange carrier industry in the United States.

AT&T WorldNet Service
AT&T Rates Terms and Conditions
... A phone service company.

Sprint Rates Terms and Conditions
Sprint Biz. - Billing details
Sprint Account Manager
... A phone service company.

U.S. Cellular
U.S. Cellular Voice Mail
U.S. Cellular Voice Mail - Setup and Retrieval
U.S. Cellular International Ddialing Rates
U.S. Cellular Site Map
U.S. Cellular Other Calling Features includes star codes.
U.S. Cellular Battery Swap
U.S. Cellular Plans
U.S. Cellular Ringtone Store
U.S. Cellular online album
U.S. Cellular online album
... U.S. Cellular (US Cellular) a wireless company.

Verizon Long Distance
Verizon Online Help/Instructions For Your Home Products
... A phone service company.

MCI Communciations Inc. (W)
MCI Prepaid Service Agreement
... A longdistance phone service company.

Qwest Communications
Qwest Communications Rates Terms and Conditions
... A telephone and Internet company.

Vonage Site Map
... VoIP (or Voice over Internet Protocol) phone service using your broadband Internet connection instead of your standard phone line. Vonage converts your phone calls into data that zips through your high-speed Internet connection just like email. It comes out the other end just like a regular phone call. Your callers will never know that it´s any different since it sounds just like a regular phone call.

Wildgate Wireless
... Voice, fax, paging, sms, voip, and email messages using one number and the device you choose! Unify your communication today!

Vonage - The Broadband Phone Company
Vonage® VoIP Forum - News, Reviews & Discussion About Vonage - The Broadband Phone Company
... Use your high-speed Internet connection to make all of your phone calls with Vonage digital phone service. Vonage VoIP Phone Service is redefining communications by offering consumers and small business - VoIP Internet phones, an affordable alternative to traditional phone service.

Nokia USA
Nokia 3585i Features
Nokia 3585i Phone Support
Nokia 3585i Phone User Guide (PDF)
Nokia User Guides
Download Nokia 5180i Phone User Guide
Nokia 5180i Phone

Prepaid Wireless Reviews

Jitterbug Cell Phone
Jitterbug Cell Phone FAQ's
... Jitterbug Cell Phones. If you, or someone you know, has ever said, "I'll never buy a cell phone" try the OneTouch phone. Choose between one of the two simple phone plans. This phone is low cost like a prepaid phone.

TracFone Nationwide Prepaid Wireless
TracfoneReviewer - Tracfone Promo Codes
Tracfone GSM Vs. CDMA Phones
... TracFone, the largest independent nationwide provider of prepaid wireless communications provides off-the-shelf, pay-as-you-go, wireless service with no annual contracts, credit checks, monthly bills, or age limit.

NET10 Wireless - Pay As You Go Made Simple
... NET10 Wireless is Pay As You Go Made Simple. You only pay 10 cents per minute for every call, local, long distance and roaming. There are no other hidden fees or taxes or surcharges for each call or each day, just a simple flat rate of 10 cents per minute.

Prepaid Wireless and Prepaid Cellular Phone
... Find a catalog for a new prepaid cell phone, prepaid cellular, prepaid wireless, prepaid cellular phone and more.

T- Mobile To Go
... Prepaid Wireless. - wireless prepaid
... Pay-as-you-go plans are an increasingly popular choice, preferred by those looking to avoid a 2-year contract or those who only need a phone for emergency use. However, pay-as-you-go plans vary significantly, and can be very expensive if the wrong choice is made. The tools in this section will help you not only choose the perfect pay-as-you-go plan, but the right airtime refill card to use with that plan. Only by looking at both these items together can you minimize your monthly cost for pay-as-you-go.

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On-Line Services and Internet Service Providers (ISP)

Providers of Commercial Internet Access Directory (POCIA)
Providers of Commercial Internet Access Directory (POCIA)
... Providing comprehensive information on Internet access providers all over the world since August 1994. If you are looking for an Internet access provider, you've come to right place (copyrighted).

Celestin Company inc. (W)

... Providers of Commercial Internet Access in area code 808.

The List (H) or The List (W)
... Search for Internet Service Providers. The List (TM) is a directory of Internet Service Providers currently known to be active.

The List (H)
... The definitive buyer's guide to Internet Service Providers. Locate an ISP by area code, or by country code. From Mecklermedia.

The Directory
... ISPs and BBSs.

ISP list

Get an ISP
... A directory listing of cheapest & best ISP's. Searchable by city & area code.

ISP Directory for the United States and Canada
... ISP directory for over 8000 cities in the United States and Canada.

Internet Access Provider Meta-List
... Thinking about getting your very own connection to the internet? Confused by the ads and hype? Trying to locate a good provider?

How To Choose an Internet Access Provider

Internet Access Geographic Search
... Find an Internet Service Provider in your area.

Pittsburgh Internet Service Providers
... Three Rivers Free-Net (TRFN) provides a list of Internet Service Providers (National and Local) providing online access in the Pittsburgh (PA) area.

Ken's WebSampler
... Ken Holt's WebSampler provides links to directories as well as individual Internet Service Providers (ISP's) with information regarding the specific geographic area, if any, is included.

Internet Service Providers
... Brought to you by Netscape, choose the Internet Service Provider That's Right for You.

Netscape Internet Service

Compuserve (T)
CompuServe (W)
CompuServe (Spry)

Delphi (T)

The WELL ($) (W)
The WELL ($) (T)
The WELL ($) (W)
... Whole Earth 'Lectronic Link. (T)
... A net provider with many options and Usenet newsgroup feeds.

ConnectSoft (W)
... Digital communication and software.

Pipeline USA (W)

Bix ($) (T)

SBC Prodigy (W)

Prodigy software (W)

eWorld (W)
... The eWorld home page.

CRC (T) or CRC (W)
Concentric (W)
Learning Center (doing business on the Web)
... Concentric Research Corporation.

Talaya 2000
Talaya 2000
Kuentos Communications
GTA High Speed Internet
... Internet Service Providers on Guam (ISP).

FlexNet Inc.
FlexNet Hints Page (FAQ)
FlexNet Status
FlexNet blogspot
FlexNet Twitter
FlexNet Signup
FlexNet non-user Feedback form
FlexNet Feedback (Trouble Ticket, Check Your Accounting Records or Make A Payment)
FlexNet Access Numbers
FlexNet Customer Accounting Interface - Pay your Bill
FlexNet Web Mail - encrypted at all times
FlexNet Web Mail
FlexNet Aunty Spam FAQ
FlexNet Postini FAQ
Del's Looking Glass - Traceroute, BGP etc.
FlexNet Web Tools
FlexNet WhoIs
FlexNet Disk Quotas and Overquota
FlexNet Users Forums
... FlexNet Inc. The ISP for America's Net-Savvy Users Dialup access across the US & Canada True Unlimited v.90 dialup for $9.95/month. Based in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Postini Login Page
Postini Help
... ISP spam filtering service.

Hawaii Internet Service Providers
Hawaii ISP's
... Internet Service Providers (ISP) in Hawaii.

Best Internet Communications, Inc.

Welcome to EarthLink
EarthLink Network Status
Earthlink Internet Access Numbers
Earthlink Support Center
EarthLink spamBlocker
EarthLink Member Center
EarthLink Web Mail Help Index
EarthLink Account Access
EarthLink Webmail
EarthLink TotalAccess Software
Earthlink Download Center
Earthlink Tutorial Center
EarthLink Tech Tip Archive
EarthLink MailBox
EarthLink Windows Keyboard Shortcuts
... EarthLink High Speed Internet.

America Online
AIM, AOL Instant Messenger, is a free instant messaging service


... Web tv Internet access, email and web browsing in Hawaii.

Mobettah.Net, Molokai's Homegrown Internet Service Provider
Pacific Information eXchange, Inc. (PIXI)
Hawaii OnLine
Hula Net Full Service Internet Provider
LavaNet System Configuration Information
Cyber City Honolulu and Cyber City Maui
Hawaiian Telcom
Hawaiian Telcom
... Internet Service Providers (ISP) in Hawaii.

... On-Line Communication Services, Inc.

Integrity Online
... A National ISP that filter objectionable material.

... BendNet is an Internet Service Provider located in Bend, Oregon.

Frontier My Yahoo! portal
Frontier Communications
Frontier Yellow Pages and White Pages
Frontier Mail
my fitv - free TV shows and movies and quality paid content
Frontier Games - Play free online or download hundreds of games
Set Frontier My Yahoo! portal as your homepage and download the new toolbar
Frontier My Yahoo! portal FAQ's
Frontier User Tools
Set your Frontiernet Website (search) Preference settings
FrontierPages White/Yellow Pages
Get Frontier High-Speed Internet for $34.95 a month for One Full Year
Internet Call Waiting by Frontier
Welcome to FrontierNet
FrontierNet FAQ's
Frontier FAQ for mobile devices like the iPhone, Blackberry
FrontierNet Web Mail
FrontierNet Email FAQ's
FrontierNet Web Mail FAQ's
FrontierNet Tech Support FAQ
Set up your FrontierNet Anti-Spam tolerance levels
FrontierNet Customer Support
FrontierNet Online Tech Support
Setting up Email Accounts for FrontierNet in Outlook Express version 5+
FrontierNet Residential Acceptable Use Policy
FrontierNet News and Information
Edit your FrontierNet Account Preferences
Learn about how to connect to FrontierNet while traveling
FrontierNet Technical Support information
FrontierNet DSL Speed Test
FrontierNet FAQ on Enabling SMTP Authentication in Your E-Mail Client
Frontier Technical Support
Leave an e-mail message with the Frontier chat team
Frontier Customer Service Center - Contact phone numbers and hours
Frontier Residential Contact Form
Frontier Secure Connections
Frontier Secure Connections
Frontier Online Bill Pay Login
Frontier Message Center (Voice Mail)
Frontier Enhanced Messaging User Guide (PDF)
Frontier Phone Features User Guide (PDF)
Frontier Message Center (Voice Mail)
Frontier Message Center Voice Mail FAQ's
Frontier Voice Mail Features
Frontier Message Center Web Site
Frontier Customer Wholesale Portal User Guide (PDF)
... A telephone and Internet Service Provider (ISP) company.

Verizon Online DSL
Verizon DSL for Home or Business
Verizon Online
Verizon Central
Verizon Online Email
Verizon Customer Support
Verizon - My Account
Verizon DSL Help and Support
Verizon DSL Email Help and Support
Verizon Email Help Topics
Checking your Verizon Online account settings with Outlook Express 5 - 6 on Windows
Setting up your Verizon Online e-mail with Outlook Express 5 - 6 on Windows
Using your Verizon account to Send and Receive e-mail with Outlook Express 5 - 6 on Windows
... Verizon.

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Computers and Technology

Gibson Research Corporation (SpinRite)
Purchasing Information
A Passion for Technology book set
Steve's Page
SpinRite Documentation
Most Popular Freeware on GRC.COM
Truly Cool Utilities
Network Bondage - Discipline your network bindings in the privacy of your own home
Steve's TV Appearances
Personal Internet Firewalls
OptOut - Tell Unwelcome Spyware to Pack its Bags!
Shoot The Messenger
ShieldsUP! The Internet's quickest, most popular, reliable and trusted, free Internet security checkup and information service
Gibson Research Discussions Online (Newsgroups)
Quick Reference Guide to the GRC Newsgroups
Security Now - TechTV's Leo Laporte and Steve Gibson take 30 to 60 minutes near the end of each week to discuss important issues of personal computer security
... Steve Gibson.


Powweb - Getting Started
Members Operations Center - Register any domain name
Powweb - Uploading files with FTP
Powweb - Publish with Frontpage
Powweb - Support
PowWeb Knowledge Base (FAQ's)
Make contact information changes and updates to PowWeb accounts
Powweb counter support
Make a Powweb 404 file
Access your Powweb email
Powweb Forum
... PowWeb the perfect web hosting solution that offers a web hosting package that fits all your needs for one LOW price,, Webspace, POP3 email account, FTP accounts, SSL, 30-day money back guarantee, and more. PowWeb, Inc. is the leader in the low-cost Web hosting industry. They are a privately owned, profitable, and debt-free Web hosting company.

Web Design and Hosting at Langenberg.Net
Chuck Langenberg's Personal Web Site
Langenberg Site Map
Langenberg.Com - The search site
How to link to Langenberg.Com
The Langenberg Network
Advertise with Langenberg
Chuck Langenberg on YouTube
Chuck Langenberg Reviews on Yelp
Chuck Langenberg on Yelp
Chuck Langenberg on Customer Service by Les Schwab Tire Center
... Web hosting, design and search site company.

... Silicon Graphics' Silicon Surf (awsome graphics).

TouchStone Software Corp. (W)
... Where you will find Trend Micro Inc. the makers of PC-cillin 95 a virus protection program.

Software City (W)
... Computer centers.

... Berkeley Software Design, Inc home of the popular Unix operating system.

Cygnus Support


Enterprise Integration Technologies



Microsoft Corporation
Microsoft United States Product Support
... Support Online Web sites.

Network Computing Devices

RSA Data Security

Santa Cruz Operations, Inc.
Santa Cruz Operations, Inc.
... The SCO Group.

Silicon Graphics, Inc.

Sun Microsystems, Inc.


Tidalwave Technologies

Trusted Information Systems, Inc.

WAIS, Inc.

Wall Data, Inc.

... A.D.A.M. multimedia software, learn the about the human body, the miracle of conception through birth and life's greatest mysteries.

Guide to Computer Vendors
... Searchable directory of hardware and software companies and value-added resellers, created by SBA*Consulting. Companies are indexed separately, with links filed alphabetically by company. The site also features a phone index of manufacturers and a hotlist of VARs.

Google Computers Directory
... Internet, Hardware and Software.

Memorex (W)
... Technical support 800.636.8352

digital pc (W)
...Digital Corp.

Supra (F)
Supra Corporation (W)
... A modem manufacturer owned by Diamond MultiMedia

ViewSonic (W)
... ViewSonic Corporation a monitor company.

American Power Conversion (APC) (W)
American Power Conversion (APC) (W)
APC Site Map
APC by Schneider Electric, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
American Power Conversion Promotions
American Power Conversion White Papers
American Power Conversion Podcasts
APC Investor Relations Resource Center
APC Support (W)
Contact APC
Trade Ups (W)
UPS Upgrade Programs and Battery Replacement
APC Promotions (W)
Find a APC UPS solution for your computer equipment
APC's E-commerce site (W)
APC's E-commerce site (W)
APC Currents Web Edition
APC Currents Top Stories
Currents Magazine Headlines
APC News Releases
The Seven Types of Power Problems
... American Power Conversion. Computer power protection. Call 1.800.800.4APC. Send questions to: or write to Currents magazine at: To have your APC product repaired contact CBM Coastal Business Machines at 1.800.944. 9320. They focuses solely on the repair and service of UPS equipment and are the only company in the United States authorized and trained by American Power Conversion for out-of-warranty and Time and Materials repairs. In addition, CBM is the largest Authorized Battery Replacement Center for APC.

Diamond MultiMedia (W)
... Makers of multimedia CD-ROM kits, sound systems.

Essential Data, Inc. - No Frames
EDI - Frames
... CD recorders, tape drives and MORE!

Amdahl Corporation

Apple Computers, Inc. Site Map
Download Apple's Free QuickTime Standalone Player
Download Apple QuickTime and iTunes
Apple's QuickTime Version Availability
The Neistat Brothers talk about the iPod Dirty Secret
Are the Neistat Brothers stupid?
... Apple Computers, Inc.
... was created by a group of former Apple Authorized Resellers as a means to document and share any unethical or illegal business practices of Apple Computer, Inc. Their ultimate goal is to change Apple Computer for the better. They are currently in litigation with Apple and our causes of action are detailed in the complaint. In order to accomplish their stated goal they want to uncover any skeletons that exist at Apple. Please help by reporting any wrongdoing that you suspect or know about to all appropriate government agencies and us. They sincerely believe that the only way to make Apple Computer become a better corporate citizen is to Tell On Apple!

Cisco Systems, Inc.

Cray Research, Inc.

Hewlett Packard (HP)
Hewlett Packard (HP) Customer Service Contact Information
Hewlett Packard (HP) Customer Service Phone Support Information
HP Software Products
HP Driver downloads
HP software
HP Photo and Imaging Software
Contact HP Support
Compaq Inc.
Compaq printer drivers
hp officejet v40 all-in-one
Manuals for hp officejet v40 all-in-one
... HP bought compaq in 2002.

IBM Corporation

Intel Corporation
Intel Channel Site
Intel License
Intel Developer Site
Intel Support Site
... Based in Santa Clara, California.

QMS, Inc.


Rockwell International

Tandem Computers

... Manufacture of the Zip Drive.

Canon USA
Canon USA Site Map
Canon USA Downloads
Download drivers for Canon U.S.A., Inc., Digital Home and Personal Systems Division's products

Casio USA
Casio Manuals
Casio CW-L300 Disc and Label Printer

Western Digital (W)
... A hard drive manufacturing company.

Adaptec (H)
Adaptec On-Line BBS
Adaptec (W)
Adaptec (F)

Logitech (W)
Logitech Support
... Logitech sites - hardware & software.

Logitech "/suport" directory
Logitech (F)
Logitech "/pub/TechSupport" directory (F)

... By BusinessWeek magazine. Check out the Computer Buying Guide, for continously updated ratings and price information.

Sm@rt Links
... One-click connection to the online resources that resellers need.

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Electrical and Electronics

Sharp Electronics - USA

... Computers and Electronics.

GPX Portable Audio Model BCDW5004SP - MP3 WMA CD with Digital AM FM Stereo Radio and Remote

Panasonic Phone Manuals User Guides Telephone Manual
... provides owner manuals / user guides for Panasonic phone and telephone systems.

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Employment Opportunities and Job Resources on the Internet

Test Your Money Talk Skills - Salary Negotiation Quiz
... Salary negotiating takes more than skill. In fact, it's almost an art form. You need to be confident but not cocky. You should be aware of what you'd like to be paid and what is feasible. This interactive quiz helps guide you through the dos and don'ts of getting a fatter paycheck or more vacation.

The Riley Guide, Preparing for a Job Search
The Riley Guide, Resumes and Cover Letters Help With Your Resume
The Riley Guide, Scams and Schemes in Employment and Work Services
The Riley Guide, Legal Issues in Employment and Hiring
The Riley Guide, Executing Your Job Search Campaign How to Search for New Opportunities
The Riley Guide, Job Search Guidance
The Riley Guide, Preparing for The World of Work
The Riley Guide, Networking & Support Groups
...The Riley Guide, Preparing for A Job Search.

Employee Theft Anonymous
... A Web site that takes tips and forwards them to employers so whistle-blowers can't be identified. (Note: It also helps if you take off that whistle around your neck.).

Michigan State Police Warn of ID Theft Scam; Online Job Listings Should Be Approached Cautiously warns of ID theft warns of ID theft - Phony job listings being used to steal personal data warns of ID theft. The online career listing site is warning its users of fake job postings bent on stealing personal information, the company confirmed warns of ID theft Warns About ID Theft warns of ID theft
Career site warns of false job listings Warns Job Seekers of ID Theft
... warned of ID theft. In an attempt to curb identity theft on its service, online career listing site has begun warning its users of fake job postings bent on stealing personal information. The largest U.S. online job board, a division of TMP Worldwide, sent e-mails to its users during the last week of Feb 2003 telling them that fraudulent job positions were being posted as a way to obtain personal information. The e-mail offered suggestions to prevent theft, such as never revealing social security, credit card or nonwork-related information to potential employers.

Resumania Hall of Archives
Resumania Archive Index
... "Resumania" is a term coined by Robert Half, founder of the specialized staffing firm Robert Half International Inc. (RHI), to describe errors made by job seekers on resumes, applications and cover letters. Although the bloopers are a lot of fun, the purpose of Resumania is not to disparage the individuals who made them, but to emphasize the importance of professionalism in resume preparation. That includes avoiding: personal information, attempts at humor, misusing or omitting words, extraneous or inappropriate information and awkward phrasing. It pays to carefully proofread all resumes and cover letters before submitting them to potential employers - just one typo may knock you out of the running for a job. - a complete job search info center - Cover Letters and more - Job Interviews and more
... A CV or curriculum vitae is a marketing tool. With your CV you will be able to promote yourself. Imagine the CV as being a brochure that will list the benefits of a particular service. The service being your time and skills. Find CV Examples and information on how to write a CV. A CV is: Your Life History, Your job history, Your achievments, Your Skills.

Job Interviewing Technique That Can Land You That New Job
... Sooner or later, everyone must face the daunting task of interviewing for a job and the interviewing technique that might make it successful. Whether it's for just a job to keep your bills paid, or if it's the dream career you've always wanted, there are many things that you should remember before you can get that job that you so desire. It's not the best candidate that gets the job - it's the interviewing technique!
..., the premier employment website for Christians, is a part of the Salem Web Network. Christian Jobs and Employment, both non-profit and commercial, list their open Christian employment opportunities. Christian job seekers may also submit their resume for listing in our resume database to seek jobs online. - The Definitive Chicago Area Job Guide
... A web site for Chicago job seekers, and the book "The Guide to Internet Job Searching".

I Got Laid Off
... This site matches the laid-off with recruiters trying to fill jobs.

Career Zone
... Helping you build and manage a meaningful career.

Transition News
... The International Employment Magazine For People On The Move. International employment magazine targeting transitioning military personnel seeking civilian jobs. Contains job listings and helpful career information. Distributed to military personnel free of charge. - career resources, news, jobs and resumes in Information Technology and Engineering
Tech Careers Report a bi-weekly email covering the latest career and job news from InformationWeek and
... Find the perfect job at TechCareers. Search thousands of jobs, post your resume and take advantage of all the free career tools for job seekers. Employers - Get started today by posting your available jobs and begin your search for the ideal candidate. provides a variety of recruitment services to meet the diverse and individual needs of corporate employers everywhere.


Opportunity Hampton Roads
... A program to help military spouses get job training in the Virginia Hampton Roads area.

MilitaryMatch Recruitment Network
... One of the nation's leading portals for the military healthcare professional.

Yahoo HotJobs
Yahoo Employment
... Yahoo! HotJobs offers jobs listed by company, industry, worldwide location, and salary.

... Net-Temps is an employment portal targeted specifically to the contract and temporary employment markets. Lots of Free Stuff for people looking for a job.

Job Postings
... If you love the Internet, perhaps you should consider working here!


... Career Resource Center. From Fortune and CareerMosaic.

... Search archived postings. To obtain directions for subscribing to this list

CareerPath - Career Resources
... Compilation of classified (help wanted) ads from major newspapers. One of the best online job search sites, CareerPath allows you to search employment ads in many major newspapers around the country as well as on employers' web sites. You can also post your resume and search for information on some employers. The set of career-planning resources comes courtesy of CareerPath, they include self-assessment tests, tips for preparing a resume, and advice on job benefits and job networking.

Recruiters Online Network
... Recruiters, Employment agencies, search firms, and employment professionals share bussiness opportunities and job postings.
... Companies around the country list jobs along with employer profiles. Search for jobs by location, industry, company and discipline. U.S., international. Help with resume. Advice.

Help Wanted
... On-line employment service.

The California Career and Employment Center

Career Mosaic
International Gateway
... Gateway to dozens of job sites, corporate and regional.

Job Center

Virtual Job Fair
... Technology jobs. Career index.

Search for a job. Post a resume.

Best Jobs USA
... Search. Employment Magazine. Career Guide. News.

... U.S. and international jobs.

CareerBuilder Career Advice
Search Jobs by Location at
... Jobs and tips for success.

The World Wide Web Employment Office
... Lists company web sites by 850 occupations.

EINet Listings
... Stanford Resources Employment Opportunities.

Best Bets on the Net

The Job Board

Pohly's Internet Guide
... Healthcare Employment Resources.

Pohly's Internet Guide
... Healthcare Recruiters on the Net.

Sean Sullivan's list

Phil Cordier's list

... Maintained by Hal Mueller.


America's Help Wanted

E-Span's Interactive Employment Network
Career Manager
... Search for a job. Post your resume.

Career Magazine
... Articles. Books. On Campus section. Search. Links.

... Jobs, articles, tips, free resume posting.

InfoSeek Find a Job
... Articles, tips, services. Rated links.

... Includes internships and jobs for students.

HelpWanted Gopher Server (G)


RJ Pascale and Co.

FSG Online
... Jobs in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medicine, and other sciences International Business Information Center.

Career Information Center

Kansas Careers

Forty Plus of Northern California
... Forty Plus of Northern California is a nonprofit organization that provides professional job search programs, valuable networking opportunities, and a wide variety of resources to members who are executives, managers, and professionals.

HEART / Career Connections

Search Masters International

Chancellor and Chancellor



Recruiters OnLine Network

Reed Personnel Recruiting

J. Robert Scott Executive Search

Data Arts and Sciences

Contract Employment Weekly
... WWW Server.

Contract Employment Weekly
... Gopher Server.


Enterprise Client/Server

PC Personnel


Career Resumes

... Search. Resume help. Job fairs.

The Resume Publishing Company

Easy Resume

Shawn's Internet Resume Service

AAA Resume Service

The Resume Center

World-Wide Job Seekers

Saludos Web

Good Thinking Center

Environmental Careers World Online

Debarah H. Wilson, Career Transition Specialist

Air line Information Service

New Jersey Jobs

The Integrity Center
... Providing employment screening services.

FHDA District Employment Opportunities

CyberWeb Software
... WWW Developer Jobs.

... Overseas Job Opportunities in Japan.

Cool Works
... Summer and winter jobs in national parks and ski resorts. More than 50,000 jobs in great places. Live and work where others only get to visit; national parks, cruise lines, resorts, ski resorts, ranch and camps.

Amby's Work Site
Amby's Job Link Database
... Finding a job is a job! This site is designed to provide information and support through all stages of the employment process: locating, obtaining, and retaining a position appropriate to your skills, interests, and abilities. Full descriptions of the topics are available or use the drop-down menu to go to a specific section.

Burley Design Cooperative
... Burley Design Cooperative Job Openings.

Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC)
... An Employee-Owned Company.

College Grad Job Hunter
... Info, preparation, resumes, interviews, postings.

... Advice and links to jobs for young adults.

Student Center
... Tips and jobs for grads.

... Advice, tools, jobs for college grads.

GO Jobs
... Stuff for beginning job seekers plus Southern California Jobs.

The Riley Guide
... Jobs for college graduates. Career center. Jobs
... 100 of the best job sites.

Orange County Register Smart Employment Online
... Online classifieds. Job fairs and employment services.

... California job searches. Guides for careers, resumes. Salary surveys.

America's Employers
... Tips, resources, guides, database of employers. Really Good.

... Jobs that are really kewl.

... Job search, articles, books, employment services.

Engineer Jobs
... Jobs for Engineers.

Service Locator
... Information on service providers that are relevant to employment and training. Here you will find information on services ranging from One-Stop Career Centers to child care providers and transportation services.

America's Learning eXchange

America's Career InfoNet
Career Information Guides
... JobSeeker Index

Orion International Consulting Group
Orion Consulting and Career Network

Lucas Group

Jobs on Guam
... Guam's FREE community webpage. Employers and job seekers may use the system FREE of charge.

USA Jobs - By
... Links To Employment Agencies, Job Banks, Newspaper Classifieds, Resume Services and Career Resources.

American Trucking Association
Truckline: Legislative Affairs
... The official web site of the national image and advocacy organization for the US trucking industry. Includes news of interest to truck drivers and owners.
... is the industry’s online home of great driving opportunities, both for new drivers and veterans. In long haul trucking, you’ll find a job with full benefits and excellent pay. Best of all, you’ll find a job that constantly leads you in new and exciting directions. If you’re considering a career as a truck driver, fill out a profile and be matched with Motor Carriers and Schools in your area. If you have experience behind the wheel of a big rig, you can go straight to the Experienced Driver Job Board. Either way, it’s time to take the wheel – the road is calling.

America's Independent Truckers' Association, Inc.

Transport Topics Online

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Hawaii Employment Opportunities and Job Resources

Job Surf Hawaii

Hawaii's Internet Job Connection (
... Hawaii's Giant Career Web Site.

Hawaii's Jobs
Hawaii's Jobs Index
... Honolulu Help Wanted - jobs, careers, free resume posting for Honolulu, Kailua and the entire Honolulu Region.

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Employment Opportunities and Job Resources with Specific Companies

United Parcel Service (UPS) Employment
Create Resume/CV for UPS online
Learn about UPS's humble beginnings with a visit to the UPS Pressroom
UPS site Guide
... Whether you are looking for a professional career or a part- time position to pay for college, UPS is right for you. Apply to the Tifton logistics center online.

Google Job Opportunities
... Looking for an adventure? Google's approach is to foster creativity and cooperation in the pursuit of a common goal: creating the world's best search service. In doing so, we have developed strong revenue streams enabling us to attain profitability in a competitive marketplace. While developing services to be used by millions of people daily, you'll enjoy challenging projects and a unique work environment.

Lowe's Home Improvment
Lowe's careers

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State Employment Opportunities and Job Resources

WorkSource Walla Walla
... WorkSource Walla Walla is where employers and job seekers can now find a full range of employment and training services.
Washington State Employment Services
... - Search jobs, post resumes, career resources.

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Technology Employment Opportunities and Job Resources
... The premier job search web site for computer professionals, with thousands of high tech permanent, contract, and consulting jobs nationwide. Tech jobs from Data Processing Independent Consultants Exchange.
... A nationwide job search engine for computer programmers, engineers, systems analysts, web developers, and other IS/IT professionals.
... Online recruitment firm.
... A job search web site for computer professionals, with thousands of high tech permanent, contract, and consulting jobs nationwide.

National Technical Employment Services

Online Career Center
... Emphasizes scientific and technical jobs. College connection. Newsletter.

Freelance Marketplace
... Freelance Marketplace where internet users can provide freelance work for each other. Anyone (Employers) that is looking for any kind of help can post a job in the "PowWebLance Marketplace" along with the price you're willing to pay for the service. In return, other users (Freelancer) will bid on your job. You decide which Freelancer is best and assign that job to them. The service is entirely FREE!

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Government Employment Opportunities and Job Resources

Local Government Job Net
Operating out of Tacoma, Washington, the Job Net is an online listing of current jobs available in local government nationally.

Jobs In Government
A national search engine for finding currently available jobs in the Government sector.

Federal Government Jobs

Federal Jobs Bank
... The U.S. Government's official site for jobs and employment information provided by the United States Office of Personnel Management.

Vets Resource Connection - Transition Assistance
... Information on benefits for military transitioning into civilian careers/jobs.

1997 Transition Assistance Program (TAP) Manual (PDF)
1997 Transition Assistance Program (TAP) Manual (PDF)
2002 - Transition Assistance Program (TAP) Manual (PDF)
... A manual on the military transition into civilian employment for use in group workshops or by individuals seeking jobs/careers.

Veterans Benefits Administration TAP and DTAP
... Information on the Transition Assistance Program and the Disabled Transition Assistance Program for military transitioning into civilian jobs.

Jobs for Vets

Department of Veterans Affairs - VA Careers
... Medical Jobs, Healthcare Jobs, Hospital Jobs within the VA Healthcare system.

Information for Veterans seeking jobs
U.S. Office of Personnel Management - VetsInfo Guide, A guide to civil service jobs/careers for military transitioning into civilian jobs.
U.S. Office of Personnel Management - VetsInfo Guide, A guide to civil service jobs/careers for military transitioning into civilian jobs.

U.S. Department of Labor Veterans Employment and Training Service (VETS)
U.S. Department of Labor Veterans Preference Advisor
e-VETS Resource Advisor
Employment Laws Assistance for Workers & Small Businesses (elaws)
... elaws helps employees and employers understand their rights and responsibilities under numerous Federal employment laws. Topics include job search tools and tips, employment openings, career assessment, education and training, and benefits and special services available to veterans.

Oregon Department of Veterans' Affairs
Oregon Department of Veterans Affairs - Benefits and other Oregon State Benefits
... Oregon Veterans Employment Preference. A five-point preference in public employment for veterans who have been discharged from active military service for less than fifteen years and a lifetime ten-point preference for disabled veterans is available. Oregon law provides a uniform method by which special consideration is given to eligible veterans and disabled veterans seeking public employment.

Job Fair Schedule
... G.I.JOBS Magazine is The Military Transition Magazine for Officers and Enlisted.

Joint Employment Management System (JEMS)
JEMS Job Fairs/Events
... Where job seekers from the military community are linked to employers who have job openings in Hawaii. The JEMS Job Fair is held annually in September.

Morale Welfare and Recreation Non- Appropriated Funds Jobs

Army Civilian Personnel

Air Force Personnel Center

U.S. Alliance
... Specializes in placing former service members in the civilian work force.

LIFELines Employment Services
... Here you can find employment information for the servicemember or their family on career planning and counseling. Links to job listings in the public and private sectors, information on planning for a federal career, and even tips on starting your own business.

Search for Jobs on the USAJOBS web site
... The U.S. Government's official one-stop source for Federal jobs and employment information provided by the United States Office of Personnel Management.

... The Department of the Interior Automated Vacancy Announcement Distribution System (AVADS) provides electronic access to notices of job opportunities within the Department.

Federal Jobs
... Search for available federal jobs using Fedworld's job search.

America's Job Bank
... A federal program by the US Labor Department. Jobs posted by state employment offices service agencies. Employment security, ect. A Joint effort of state public Employment Service offices.

Federal Jobs Digest

Veteran Net
... Veteran Net and American Veteran Network provide employment resources for Veteran and Government Services by State.

Sprint Military Recruitment Program (Employment)

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United States Post Office (USPS) Job Resources

... The United States Postal Service offers study materials free of charge at
or your local post office. Publication 60-A is a 32 page orientation guide for exam 473. Publication 60-E is a 32 page orientation guide for exam 460.

US Postal Exam/Post Office Test Information
Postal Exams
Postal Exam Newsletter Keep up-to-date with testing news and the latest Postal test prep tools
... The best postal exam study guide available.

Special Hiring and Testing Benefits for Military Veterans
... Information on the US Postal exam from A recap of the program qualifications that veterans must meet in order to be eligible for special Postal benefits and points as part of the military transition into civilian jobs.

Consumer Alert - Fraudulent Postal Exam Preparation Services
... US Postal Exams is not affiliated with the U.S. Postal Service. They provide complete resources and information about the U.S. Postal exams for people seeking Postal jobs. These examinations include the most-commonly given Battery Test for seven major Post Office jobs, the Examination for rural carrier associate, and other exams for about 50 Post Office jobs.

Postal Jobs by National Career Services LLC

US Post Office
... US Post Office

Exam Services

... U.S. Postal Positions Now Hiring - No experience necessary. Full benefits, paid training and vacations. Apply today by calling 1-800-958-5314. Exam Services operators are standing by from 7 A.M. until 12 A.M. Eastern Standard Time. Exam Services is neither affiliated with nor endorsed by the United States Postal Service or any government agency. Their material has been designed to assist individuals to better prepare for the Postal Battery Exam (Exams 460 and 473). Exam Services does not guarantee a particular score on the exam nor can they control when the USPS will offer the exam in your local area or when jobs will be available in your local area. Exam Services does not guarantee starting wages. Information may have changed since publication. Passing the Postal Battery Exam is required to be placed on the list of qualified candidates for a position.
... Jobs with the Post Office.

United States Postal Service Employment
USPS Examinations and Casual/Temporary Openings by Location
United States Postal Service online application processing system
USPS Publication 60-A, Test Orientation Guide for Major Entry-Level Jobs
... United States Postal Service (USPS).

United States Postal Service online application processing system
United States Postal Service Examinations and Casual/Temporary Openings by Location

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Oregon Employment Opportunities and Job Resources

Oregon Department of Employment
Oregon Department of Employment (
Oregon Department of Employment (
Oregon Department of Employment (Unemployment Insurance)
Oregon Department of Employment (Unemployment Online Claim System)
Oregon Department of Employment (Claim a week of unemployment benefits)
Oregon Department of Employment (View status of weekly unemployment report)
... Job Listings from the Oregon Department of Employment.

Oregon Employment search site

The Oregon Economic and Community Development Department
... The Oregon Economic and Community Development Department's goal is to strengthen the state's economy in an effort to put more Oregonians to work in good jobs. They work with the private sector to create an environment that encourages business expansion, creation and relocation; and with local communities to help develop the infrastructure they need to attract business and keep their economy going.

Oregon Jobs

Links to Government Jobs in Oregon

State of Oregon Government Jobs

Oregon Employment Office Locations

Oregon Employment Department Job Listings
Search for Jobs at the Oregon Employment Department by Location
Search for Jobs at the Oregon Employment Department by Occupation

Oregon Department of Transportation Jobs

Roseburg, Oregon Employment Office
Roseburg Jobs - Code 320
Roseburg Jobs listed today
Roseburg Jobs listed in the last week
Roseburg Jobs listed in the last month
Roseburg JOBS Plus listed in the last two months

News Review Employment Classifieds (current)
News Review Employment Classifieds (Last 7 days)
News Review Top Jobs Listing

City of Roseburg, Oregon Job Opportunities

Douglas County, Oregon
Douglas County, Oregon Employment Information
Douglas County, Oregon Human Resources
Douglas County, Oregon Current Job Openings
... Douglas County Human Resources.

Oregon Employment services and applications

Lane County, OR Jobs


Oregon Labor Market Information System (OLMIS)
... Oregon Labor Market Information System (OLMIS).

Oregon Labor Market Information

Douglas WorkLinks
... Douglas WorkLinks is comprised of a variety of public and private community partners, its primary mission is to provide an online delivery system that simplifies access to workforce-related services. They assist customers in their search for success in their families, careers, and businesses.

WorkSource Oregon
WorkSource Oregon
... WorkSource Oregon is your source to find workers, find your next job, your next career, or get training designed just for you.

InfoGroup Northwest
InfoGroup Northwest Employment Index
... InfoGroup Northwest to help them find qualified IT talent. Keep your career options open by interviewing with one of our Senior Technical Recruiters. They specialize in finding the right opportunity for you. We have positions open throughout the state of Oregon and Washington. Let us help make the transition easy for you.

Oregon Federal Job Search

Roseburg, Oregon Jobs - Southern Oregon Help Wanted job listings online
... Browse Roseburg jobs by job type or search Roseburg jobs by keyword in Southern Oregon Help Wanted's Roseburg employment listings.


Umpqua Training and Employment
Umpqua Training and Employment Job Listing Umpqua Training and Employment Current Open Positions ... Umpqua Training and Employment offers a range of services including labor market information, assessment and testing, career counseling, structured job search, financial assistance, and opportunities to gain valuable work experience in an instructional setting.

Mercy Medical Center Current Job Openings
Mercy Medical Center List of Current Job Openings
Mercy Medical Center Employment Application
Mercy Medical Center Employment Login

Roseburg Paving Co. Jobs

Northbend, Oregon Job Search

Yahoo! HotJobs
Jobs in Roseburg, Oregon Yahoo! HotJobs
... Yahoo! HotJobs offers jobs listed by company, industry, worldwide location, and salary.

Roseburg, Oregon Area Chamber of Commerce
Roseburg, Oregon Area Chamber of Commerce -Directory - Listings by Name
... Relocation and Business Information.

City of Eugene, Oregon Job Postings

Employment Services - Jobs at Oregon State University
... Categorized links to job opportunities of all types at Oregon State University. Job listings are separated into classified, Professional (Administrative) and Teaching, Research and Public Service Faculty, Student Employment, and Other jobs.

Seven Feathers Casino & Resort Employment Opportunities
Seven Feathers Casino & Resort Current Available Jobs
... Seven Feathers Casino and Resort, Canyonville, OR Local Jobs
... From the online version of The Oregonian.

Flex Force staffing solutions
Flex Force Job Postings
... Flexible solution to your staffing needs.

Cardinal Employment Services

Personnel Source
... Connecting the right employees with the perfect employers to fill industrial, clerical, technical and executive positions on a temporary, temporary-to-hire, and direct-hire basis.

Staffing Services

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Automobile (car) Companies

VW Bug
... The Bug site is full of history and includes the new Bettle. This Bug site is not part of the VW Company.

Toyota Corp. (W)

General Motors Reinvention
The Hummer
Hummer Stuff
Hummer Laptops
... General Motors companies.

Nissan Motors

Chrysler Corporation
Chrysler Cars
PT Cruiser
Plymouth Cars
Five Star
Five Star Dealers
Thomas Built
American LaFrance
Sneak Peek: 2004 Chrysler PT Dream Cruiser Series 3
... The DaimlerChrysler family of companies.


Ford Worldwide Connection
Ford Vehicles

... Porschephiles.

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Automobile (Car) Dealerships

Lithia Dodge

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Business Tips

Microsoft bCentral - Online services for small businesses
... Microsoft bCentral - everything for your small business: get online, promote, and manage your business.

A less taxing bite on your business
... The Place for Bouncing Back.

Better Business Bureau (BBB)
Better Business Bureau (BBBOnLine) - Promoting Trust and Confidence on the Internet
Locate a Better Business Bureau
BBB of Hawaii
Better Business Bureau of Oregon and Western Washington
Find a BBB Reliability Report on a specific business
... The Council of Better Business Bureaus. BBBOnLine is a subsidiary of the Council of Better Business Bureaus it's privacy program helps you identify companies that stand behind their privacy. The Reliability program help you find reliable, trustworthy businesses online. for International protection
... When a business commits fraud, you can always turn to the Better Business Bureau and other governmental organizations for help. That's great for companies located in the United States. If the company is in another country, to whom do you turn? About 30 countries have banded together and created an organization to provide consumer protection. visit this site to find out which countries participate and how to file a complaint.

Small Business Administration (SBA) (W) - SBA OnLine (W) - SBA (F) - SBA OnLine (F) - SBA (G) - SBA OnLine (G) - SBA (T) - U.S. Business Advisor
... Small Business Administration.

Be Your Own Boss - Free Help Starting a Business
... If you dread going to work every Monday, perhaps you should look within for your happiness. Many people dream of being their own boss but never do anything about it. This site can help you. Learn all of the facts about starting a small business. Find out if you have what it takes.

Employment Laws Assistance for Workers & Small Businesses (elaws)
... elaws helps employees and employers understand their rights and responsibilities under numerous Federal employment laws.

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Charities - Non Profit

Charity Blossom is an online donation site that helps charities blossom
... Charity Blossom is an online donation site that helps charities blossom.

Nonprofit Organization Lookup

National Center for Charitable Statistics (NCCS)
National Center for Charitable Statistics (NCCS) Web Tools
... The National Center for Charitable Statistics (NCCS) is the national clearinghouse of data on the nonprofit sector in the United States.

MinistryWatch - The Independent Source for Ministry Ratings
Search MinistryWatch
... A independent source for ministry ratings.

Google Grants Program
Google Grants Program Details
Google Grants Program Frequently Asked Questions
... The Google Grants program supports organizations sharing their philosophy of community service, and with a strong mission to help the world in areas such as science and technology, education, global public health, the environment, youth advocacy, and the arts. The organization must have current 501(c)(3) status in order to be considered for this program. Apply online.

Donating to Charities
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Charity Checklist
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Warns Consumers About Potential Charity Scams
... With more than half a million federally recognized charities soliciting contributions, chances are you'll be asked to donate. Here are some tips to help you give wisely.

Better Business Bureau (BBB)
Better Business Bureau Giving Tips
... From the Council of Better Business Bureaus for making the most of your giving. If you come across a charity that you're not sure about, your best bet is to visit the Better Business Bureau's Philanthropic Advisory Service. Here, you can look up all sorts of odd charities and read a comprehensive explanation of why your favorite charity does or doesn't live up to BBB standards.

The Newtithing Group
... Web tips on sharing your money. This philanthropic research organization, says Americans can comfortably afford to give 80% more than they do. That level would mean $244 billion extra for charity -- almost double the $143 billion given by individuals last year. To see what the group thinks you can comfortably give, visit.

... Brought to you by BBB Wise Giving Alliance.

Charity Navigator - America's Largest Charity Evaluator
... Charity Navigator, America's premier independent charity evaluator, works to advance a more efficient and responsive philanthropic marketplace by evaluating the financial health of America's largest charities.

News story about Charities' Costs Sap Aid For Vets
Charities' Costs Sap Aid For Vets (Page 1) (PDF)
Charities' Costs Sap Aid For Vets (Page 2) (PDF)
Charities' Costs Sap Aid For Vets (Page 3) (PDF)
Charities' Costs Sap Aid For Vets (Page 4) (PDF)
Charities' Costs Sap Aid For Vets (Page 5) (PDF)
Charities' Costs Sap Aid For Vets (Page 6) (PDF)

Foursquare Missions International
The Foursquare Church Disaster Relief

American Liberty Partnership
American Liberty Partnership
American Liberty Partnership - Make a Donation Page
... A charity portal connecting people who want to help the organizations responding to the tragedies in New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

America's Charities
America's Charities
Index of Charities
... A coalition of prestigious, national charitable organizations providing direct services in thousands of local communities. Hundreds of links that include information about a charity and how to contact them. America's Charities also has a one-click option for donating online.

Network for Good - Online Giving Made Easy
... Network for Good is here to give you all the tools (and moral support) that you need to fundraise online and they do it all for less with no hidden fees.

Medical Teams International
... A Northwest Christian global health organization recommended by Lars Larson that empowers communities to live full and healthy lives. They work with grassroots organizations, churches and ministries of health to ensure that their projects fit seamlessly into local contexts. Their volunteers, staff and supporters form a closely knit team that is deeply committed to facilitating lasting solutions for people suffering from disaster, conflict and poverty in 70 countries.

Yad Eliezer
Donate to Yad Eliezer Special Holiday Distribution Program
Charity Navigator gives American Friends of Yad Eliezer a 4-star rating
... Yad Eliezer is the largest anti-hunger agency in Israel.

Disability Links and Resources

The National Rifle Association (NRA)
The National Rifle Association Headquarters (NRAHQ)
MyNRA - The National Rifle Association (NRA)
NRA publications
Armed Citizen
Gary's NRA Page
The National Rifle Association of America, Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA)
The National Rifle Association News
NRA Hunters Rights
... The National Rifle Association. This web site has government phone numbers and information tips.

Best of the CFC (Combined Federal Campaign)
Combined Federal Campaign-Overseas (CFC-O)
Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) Hawaii
Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Combined Federal Campaign (CFC)
... Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) is a program that allows federal employees and military personnel to raise millions of dollars to benefit numerous nonprofit organizations (Charities).

Compassion International
Who is Compassion International
Compassion International FAQ's
Compassion International Financial Information
Compassion International and the Combined Federal Campaign
Giving to Compassion International through the Combined Federal Campaign

Toys for Tots
... Sponsored by the United States Marine Corps Reserve.

The United Way of New York City
Aloha United Way of Hawaii
United Way- September 11th Fund
... United Way sites.

... National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Salvation Army
Salvation Army USA
Salvation Army USA
... The Salvation Army, an international movement, is an evangelical part of the universal Christian church. Its message is based on the Bible. Its ministry is motivated by the love of God. Its mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in His name without discrimination.

Easter Seal of Hawaii

Blood Bank of Hawaii

American Heart Assoc.
Association Affiliates
... American Heart Association. Phone 800-AHA-USA-1.

American Red Cross
History of the Red Cross
Red Cross Links
American Red Cross earthquake safety information
Directory of National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)
Donate to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent
ARC Alabama Gulf Coast Chapter
Donate to the American Red Cross
Donate to the American Red Cross for Tsunami 2004 Disaster Relief via
Australian Red Cross
Austrian Red Cross
Belgian Red Cross
British Red Cross
Canadian Red Cross
Danish Red Cross
German Red Cross (DRK)
Finnish Red Cross
International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)
International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
Irish Red Cross Society
Italian Red Cross
Japanese Red Cross Society
Loess Hills Red Cross (Council Bluffs Iowa)
Norwegian Red Cross
Red Cross Youth (Denmark)
Danish Red Cross youth (Denmark)
Spanish Red Cross
Swedish Red Cross
Switzerland Red Cross
Thai Red Cross Sociaty (TRCS)
American Red Cross, Disaster Relief Fund
American Association of Blood Banks
New York Blood Center
Red Cross
America's Blood Centers
Give Life - Information about donating blood
American Red Cross Blood Services Regional Websites
... Red Cross Societies with links to associated websites, information on activities, donations, and contact information for branch addresses. The British Red Cross, includes products and a First Aid quiz for motorists.

Nonprofit Locator
... Obtain information on nonprofit groups.

... A great information resource for obtaining information on nonprofit groups for the wannabe giver. The site includes online tools that let you prepare a giving plan by examining your preferences and capacity for giving, search for and select specific charities using the GuideStar database, evaluate charities that match your giving plan, and give online to your selected charities. Find a charity by subject or your ZIP code.

Military, Veterans and Patriotic Service Organizations of America
... The Military Veterans and Patriotic Service Organization of America (MVPSOA) is a nonprofit federation that pre-screens and certifies high quality national charities working to assist military personnel, their families, and veterans. They present these charities to potential givers in fund drives at work and on the web.

National Association of State Charity Officials
... Your state office also can verify how much of your donation goes to the charity, and how much goes to fundraising and management expenses.

Business Bureau’s (BBB) Wise Giving Alliance

American Cancer Society

National Cancer Institute

Breast Cancer Foundation
... Breast Cancer Information.

National Cancer Institute (NCI)
National Cancer Institute News Center
National Cancer Institute News Center

Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Tool
... An interactive tool to measure a woman’s risk of invasive breast cancer.

March of Dimes
... Saving babies, together.

Easter Seals
... Easter Seals is a non-profit, community-based health agency dedicated to helping children and adults with disabilities attain greater independence.

Make a Difference Day
USA Weekend - Make a Difference Day
... The national day of doing good.

Points of Light Foundation
... The Foundation's mission is to engage more people more effectively in volunteer community service to help solve serious social problems.

Wyland Foundation
... Marine life art.

Lance Armstrong Foundation
Cycle of Hope
... Basic information on all kinds of cancer. Material on screening, treatment options, and coping with chemotherapy. (800) 496-4402 and (877) 717-HOPE.

... Hunter's Hope is a life-long commitment to increase public awareness of Krabbe disease and other leukodystrophies, so that other children may have early detection and treatment. The ultimate goal is to help raise funds to support research efforts to find a cure for Krabbe disease and other leukodystrophies. The hope through sharing Hunter's story, parents all over the world will give their children more time and love, and will thank God everyday for these precious little gifts of life.

American Lung Association
American Lung Association of Hawaii (ALAH)

Community Health Charities

Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society (NMCRS) Headquarters
Hawaii Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society
Japan Auxililary, NMCRS
Rhode Island Auxiliary, NMCRS
... The Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society.

Coast Guard Mutual Assistance (CGMA)

Air Force Aid Society

Army Emergency Relief

America Supports You
... America Support You - The official Department of Defense web site encouraging support of U.S. Military troops around the world, especially those fighting the War on Terror.

Institute Human Services (IHS)
... A homeless shelter in Honolulu, HI

Sisters Offering Support (SOS)
... A Hawaii non profit helping girls and women escape Hawaii's sex trade.

Big Brother Big Sister of Honolulu, Hawaii
... A prevention-oriented organization serving Hawaii’s children. The agency matches children one-to-one with caring volunteer Bigs to help children grow into competent, confident and caring citizens. Their greatest resources are the volunteers from the community.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of America
... Big Brothers Big Sisters of America is the nation's oldest and largest youth mentoring organization. Since 1904, caring adult volunteers have been helping millions of children reach their full potential and fulfill their dreams. With programs in all 50 states to match kids with mentors who provide meaningful friendships and share fun experiences.

Goodwill of Hawaii

Southern Oregon Goodwill

List of Chernobyl related international charity organizations

Jane Goodall Institute
Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund
Orangutan Foundation International
... Learn about Chimpanzees, mountain gorillas and orangutans and how you can help these endangered species.

Team in Training
... Team in Training a program of The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

National Diabetes

American Bone Marrow Donor Registry
National Marrow Donor Program

Little Hearts on the Mend
... Providing financial support to children in need of heart surgeries who would otherwise go untreated.

The Heart of a Child Foundation
... The principal mission The Heart of a Child Foundation is to fund research to find the root causes of congenital heart defects, and to improve the care and treatment of children born with these defects to enable them to lead healthy and meaningful lives.

Save A Child's Heart (SACH)
... Save A Child's heart team led by Dr. Amran Cohen is the largest undertaking in the world that provides urgently needed Pediatric Heart Surgery and follow up care for children from third world and developing counties. All of our many services are provided free of charge.

Sexaholics Anonymous

Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC)
... Ronald McDonald House Charities provides comfort and care to children and families through its network of local charities in 31 countries.

Father Flanagan's Boys Town
... Boys Town provides food, clothing, shelter, education, spiritual, and medical care to homeless, neglected, abused, and communicatively handicapped boys and girls.

The Samaritans Purse

World Vision - American Families Assistance Fund
World Vision Tsunami 2004 Disaster Relief

September 11th Victims' Relief Fund

International Association of Fire Fighters

Boomer Esiason Foundation - Fighting Cystic Fibrosis

Northern Valley Catholic Social Service (NVCSS)
... Northern Valley Catholic Social Service (NVCSS) provides low- cost or free mental health, housing, vocational and support services to individuals and families in six Northern California counties.

Google tsunami news coverage


Aid groups accepting donations for victims (via CNN)

Relief organizations (via USAID) for Tsunami 2004 Disaster Relief

Tsunami 2004 Disaster Relief help blog

Wikipedia Indian Ocean earthquake 2004 information

Action Against Hunger

American Jewish World Service


Asia Foundation

BAPS Care International


Direct Relief International

GOAL Tsunami 2004 Disaster Relief

Habitat for Humanity
Women Build
Donate to the Habitat for Humanity International for Tsunami 2004 Disaster Relief
... Habitat for Humanity International.

Islamic Relief Worldwide

Karuna Trust

Network for Good Tsunami 2004 Disaster Relief

Oxfam International
Oxfam International Tsunami 2004 Disaster Relief


Save the Children

Donate to UNICEF Tsunami 2004 Disaster Relief via Paypal

World Food Programme (UN)

Free Wheelchair Mission
... Free Wheelchair Mission (FWM) provides the transforming gift of mobility to the physically disabled poor in developing countries by distributing free wheelchairs where they are needed most.

Guideposts Knit for Kids
Knit for Kids - Basic Knitting Pattern
... Knit for Kids is a program that started in 1986 to create warm sweaters for needy and cold (refugee) children around the world. The Smile Train: The World's Leading Cleft Charity
... It just might be the most effective, impactful donation to a charity you ever make. The free cleft surgery your donation will help provide, is a true, modern-day medical miracle: it costs as little as $250 and takes as little as 45 minutes. That’s all it takes to give a desperate child not just a new smile, but a new life. When you see the impact your donation has, you’ll end up smiling too.

Adopt One Village
... Started by USPS letter carrier Emmanuel Anim-Sackey from the state of New Jersey to help his homeland the Republic of Ghana a country in West Africa.

The Water Project
The Water Project on Facebook
Paul Felix's Fundraising Page for The Water Project

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American Insurance Association
National Association of Independent Insurers
National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies
... National Insurance Trade Associations.

Arizona Insurance Information Association
Association of California Insurance Companies
Florida Insurance Council
Illinois Insurance Association
Insurance Council of New Jersey
Insurance Federation of Pennsylvania
Insurance Information Association of Michigan
Michigan Insurance Federation
New York Insurance Association
Ohio Insurance Institute
Personal Insurance Federation of California
South Carolina Insurance News Service
The Insurance Information Network of California (WIIS)
West Virginia Insurance Federation
Wisconsin Insurance Alliance
... State Insurance Trade Associations.

Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety
American Institute for Chartered Property/Casualty Underwriters
Association of Certified Fraud Examiners
Canadian Coalition Against Insurance Fraud
Coalition Against Insurance Fraud
Insurance Educational Association
International Association of Insurance Fraud Agencies
International Association of Marine Investigators
International Association of Special Investigation Units
Institute for Business & Home Safety
Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair
Insurance Committee for Arson Control
Insurance Information Institute
Insurance Institute for Highway Safety/Highway Loss Data Institute
Insurance Research Council
Insurance Services Office
National Council on Compensation Insurance
National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association
National Insurance Crime Bureau/Chartered Property Casualty Underwriters Society
Northeast Financial Anti-fraud Group
Society of Collision Repair Specialists
... Industry Related Associations.

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