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News Sites

... Also check the "Search" page for news search engines.

Accuracy In Media
... For Fairness, Accuracy and Balance in News Reporting. Accuracy In Media is a citizens watchdog of the media promoting fairness, balance and accuracy in the news by critiquing news stories,clearing up slanted news coverage and exposing liberal media bias. - Bypass Compulsory Web Registration FAQ
... was created as a mechanism to quickly bypass the login of web sites that require compulsory registration and/or the collection of personal/demographic information (such as the New York Times).

CitizenLink - Find and contact national and local media

Newspaper Terms

Google News
... Search and browse 4,000 continuously updated news sources.

Google Zeitgeist - Search patterns, trends, and surprises according to Google
... For both breaking news and obscure information alike, people around the world search on Google at With a bit of analysis, this flurry of searches often exposes interesting trends, patterns, and surprises. On a monthly, weekly, and sometimes daily basis, this Google Zeitgeist page will be updated to reflect lists, graphs, and other tidbits of information related to Google user search behavior.

Netscape Communications Universe (W)
Netscape NetCenter
Netscape News

NewsMax - America's News Page
NewsMax Archives
UK News
Clinton Scandals
The Left Coast Report Archives
... We are in Internet news site breaking stories on American politics and providing a digest of other top stories.

PointCast (W)


ClariNet Home Page - IAP/Hub Listings
... ClariNet Communications Corp. ClariNet e.News. Comprehensive news, comics, photos, sports, computers, technology. Updated around the clock. Newsgroups/categories for your convenience. Select this: LINK to a text file with more information about this news service.

NIC-News (w)

New Century Network


... Summary of today's newest news, updated every 15 minutes, every day!

... Conservative News, Views and Books.

The Smoking Gun (TSG)
The Smoking Gun's (TSG) extensive mug shot collection
... The Smoking Gun brings you exclusive documents -- cool, confidential, quirky -- that can't be found elsewhere on the Web. Using material obtained from government and law enforcement sources, via Freedom of Information requests, and from court files nationwide, they guarantee everything here is 100% authentic. The Smoking Gun is a Pierre Salinger-free zone.

Media Matters for America
... Media Matters for America a "not-for-profit progressive research and information center" founded by conservative turned liberal writer David Brock to monitor, analyze and correct what it views as conservative misinformation in the U.S. media. Media Matters will document and correct conservative misinformation in each news cycle. Media Matters for America will monitor cable and broadcast news channels, print media and talk radio, as well as marginal, right-wing websites that often serve as original sources of misinformation for well-known conservative and mainstream media outlets.

Jewish World Review (JWR)
... Jewish World Review. JWR is essentially a one-man-show. There is no zillion dollar corporation publishing this site. You can make a tax deductible charitable contribution of ANY amount through their secure online form or by making out a check and mailing it to the Keren Yehoshua V'Yisroel foundation. Binyamin L. Jolkovsky is Editor in Chief.
Keren Yehoshua V'Yisroel foundation
125 Carey Street
Lakewood, NJ 08701
... The smartest blog on the web. A Jewish World Review (JWR) sister site. Contributors are a Who's Who of politics, culture and law.

Crosswalk News

KOMO News on Facebook
... Seattle, WA

NWCN TV Weather
NWCN TV on Facebook

MSNBC Technology
The Week in Pictures on MSNBC

MSN - The Microsoft Network
Slate - Microsoft's attempt at an all political Web site

San Jose Mercury News Center
Silicon Valley News
Breaking News
... Silicon Valley News.

... A News source.

... Contra Costa Times.

Alabama Live
Huntsville Times

Family Research Council (FRC)
Family Research Council's Policy Areas
Washington Watch
Washington Watch Radio Commentary
Site Map
FRC Washington Updates
Today's Hot Issue
... Family Research Council. To contact FRC by E-mail write to:

EarthLink - News
... News brought to you by EarthLink. Stay on-top of current events with the EarthLink News Channel.

Yahoo News
Yahoo Daily News
Yahoo News (text)
Yahoo Tech News
Yahoo Headlines
Top Stories
Yahoo! Schlagzeilen (German news)

Jane's Information Group
Jane's Online
Janes's Section
Jane's sitemap
... Jane's Information Group is the ultimate source for information in the world on the subjects of defence, geopolitics, transport and police. Jane's is the publisher of such world renowned titles as Jane's Fighting Ships,Jane's All the Worlds Aircraft, Jane's Defence Weekly, Jane's International Defense Review, Jane's Airport Review and Police Review.
Casper Star-Tribune
Jackson Hole Star-Tribune
... The Casper Star-Tribune in Casper, Wyoming is published daily and is Wyoming's largest circulation and only statewide newspaper.

AP News (W)
Associated Press Wire
Associated Press Managing Editors
AP Wire Technology
... The WIRE is the news Web site of the AP, its member newspapers and broadcasters.

Free Republic a Conservative News Forum
... A online gathering place for independent, grass-roots conservatism on the web working to roll back decades of governmental largesse, to root out political fraud and corruption, and to champion causes which further conservatism in America.

The American Spectator

WorldNetDaily - A Free Press for a Free People
WorldNetDaily - A Free Press for a Free People - Page 2 News
World Net Daily - Commentaries
Search WorldNetDaily Commentaries
Search WorldNetDaily
Subscribe to Whistleblower Magazine (formerly WorldNet)
... The WorldNetDaily is a Daily newspaper that does not do a good job of fact checking. In the words of its founder, Joseph Farah, WorldNetDaily's editorial formula is "credible, fearless, independent." It is the Number One independent newssite. Each month WorldNetDaily attracts nearly 5 million unique visitors and delivers more than 40 million pageviews.

The Kingdom Press
... The Kingdom Press is a weekly source believers nationwide turn to for current Christian news, commentary, updates on ministry events,and inspirational teaching from today’s most respected pastors and Christian leaders.

Editor and Publisher

Comcast General News
Comcast Health and Wellness News
Comcast Politics News
Comcast Technology News
Comcast International News
Comcast National News
... Comcast High-Speed Internet.

Crosswalk News
... News
Town Hall Multimedia
Town Hall Site Map
Forward Observer - A blog of
... Conservative news and information.

Real Cities Network
... A national network of regional websites.

The Institute for Creation Research (ICR) News

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Mega News Lists

CReAte Your Own Newspaper -
The latest links to periodical information sources on the Internet (News Links)
... Your personalized internet news service.

Newspapers Online
Newspaper Association of America
Newspaper Association of America (NAA) Hotlinks - Links to hundreds of publications in the U.S. and Canada
... Newspaper Association of America. Hotlinks to Newspapers Online. A very big list to choose from. Listed by state.

Newspapers Online
Newspapers by country
Newspapers within the United States
... A easy to use tool for referencing the world's newspapers.

Newspapers Galore
... Find a U.S. Newspaper by City, Top 25 or DailyNews Article.

Internet Public Library (IPL) Newspapers
... Online newspapers from around the world.

U.S. News Archives on the Web


WWW Daily
... Links to Magazines and Newspapers on the Web.

American Journalism Review (AJR) NewsLink
... The web's most comprehensive news resource, with thousands of free media links, online columns and special World Wide Web meta-indexes Argus Clearinghouse. Search by city and state for your home town newspaper.

Current Events
... NewsLink Major Newspapers On-Line.

National Wire Services
... A service by NewsLink.

... The web's most comprehensive news resource, with thousands of free media links, online columns and special Net Gain Journalism's challenges in an interactive age A GREAT MANY of the Internet's 20-million- plus users consider Old Media's practice of top-down, father-knows-best journalism to be clunky, obsolete and irrelevant to their lives. The American Journalism Review maintains this site. It features links to newspapers throughout North America, as well as in many other parts of the world. They also have links to magazines, news services, and radio and TV networks.

International News Links
U.S. News Links
... Your Portal to Top News & 20,000+ Magazines and Newspapers Online organizes the latest news and 20,000+ magazines & newspapers by topic and region for quick access to today's top news headlines, articles and online news sources.

Newseum Todays Front Pages
... The Newseum is a interactive museum of news. It is located in Roslyn VA. across the Key bridge from Washington DC.

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Arianna Huffington

Bob Greene

Ben Wattenberg

Bruce Williams

Cal Thomas

Cathy Young

Consumer Reports

Chris Matthews

David Limbaugh

David Corn

Don Feder

Dr. Laura

Dr. Peter Gott

Debbie Schlussel

Greg Crosby

Jeff Jacoby

Jonathan S. Tobin

Kathleen Parker

Linda Chavez

Larry Elder

Lawrence Kudlow

Michelle Malkin


Mort Zuckerman

Marianne Jennings

Mona Charen

Michael Barone

Michael Kelly

Michael Medved

Michael Medved Column Archives

Mallard Fillmore

Nat Hentoff

Paul Greenberg

Philip Weiss

Suzanne Fields

Sam Schulman

Thomas Sowell

Tony Snow

Weekly Standard

Walter Williams

World Editorial Cartoon Showcase

Chuck Asay

Chip Bok

Gary Brookins

John Cole

David Cox

Cox and Forkum

J. D. Crowe

John Deering

Everything's Relative

Mallard Fillmore

Jake Fuller

Ed Gamble

Bob Gorrel

Joe Heller

Steve Kelley

Jeff Koterba

Ranan R. Lurie

Doug Marlette

Michael Ramirez

Jeff Stahler

Wayne Stayskal

Gary Varvel

Dr. Ed Blonz

Lori Borgman

Marty Nemko

Computer Answer Man

Consumer Reports

Elder matters

Glad You Asked

Dr. Peter Gott

Looking at language

Tech Maven

Dr. Robert Wascher

Bruce Williams

Stump the wordsmiths

One Big Happy

Mallard Fillmore

Rabbi Raymond Beyda
... - Conservative Columnists

Ralph Peters a NY Post Opinion columnist

Dave Barry Columns in the Miami Herald

Mary Hunt
Mary Hunt - Everyday Cheapskate
... Mary Hunt is creator and editor of Cheapskate Monthly, a monthly newsletter dedicated to helping people find practical and realistic solutions for their financial problems.

Inside the Beltway
... Political tidbits and other shenanigans from around the nation's capital by John McCaslin of The Washington Times.

... From The Wall Street Journal Editorial Page.

... Columnists.

W. Bruce Cameron
W. Bruce Cameron Site Map
W. Bruce Cameron Columns
The Committee To Drive Dad Crazy
Birds that Cluck
The 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter
8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter Fan Club
Trash Day
Birth of a Hamster
W. Bruce on Teenagers
... W. Bruce Cameron is a humor columnist for the Denver Rocky Mountain News and appears in newspapers and at the bottom of bird cages world-wide! His internet-based humor column—imaginatively titled "The Cameron Column"— is the most popular single-sourced humor newsletter of its kind. Over 40,000 people in 52 countries—if you count Texas as a country—read The Cameron Column, and over a dozen of them enjoy it! The Cameron Column was started as a free humor newsletter back in 1995 as a "get rich never" scheme. This website contains some of W. Bruce's funniest stuff. Sign up for The Cameron Column and receive Cameron's humor delivered twice a month to your e-mail inbox, absolutely free.

Dear Abby on uExpress
Dear Abby on Buffalo News
Dear Abby in
Casa Dear Abby in Grande Valley AZ Newspaper
Current Dear Abby News
... Dear Abby Columns, by Abigail Van Buren.

Ask Ann on Buffalo News
... Ask Ann Column, formerly the Ann Landers Column.

Jack Ohman political cartoonist
Jack Ohman political cartoonist Archives

The satirical editorial cartoons of Steve Kelley

Cagle Cartoons
Michael Reagan weekly column
... The best columns and cartoons form the Editorial Pages.

Victor Davis Hanson (VHD) Private Papers
The author Victor Davis Hanson
How Far We've Come Let's not forget. by Victor Davis Hanson, December 3, 2004
... Victor Davis Hanson (VHD) Private Papers. News and Commentary .

Chuck Norris Blog
Chuck Norris: Columns, Opinion, Views, Issues
Chuck Norris
Principles For Life #8

California Magazine and Newspaper listings

Gilory Dispatch
... Gilroy, Calif.

Minnesota Magazine and Newspaper listings

Minnesota Newspapers On-Line
Northwestern Minnesota's Information Leaders
The Northern Light
The Northern Light
Warroad Pioneer
The Tribune
The Tribune
New River Record
North Star News
The Exponent
Archives of the papers of Members of the Minnesota Newspaper Association
... Most of these newspaper archives sites only show the front page view each front page.

Oregon Magazine and Newspaper listings

The News Review Online
The News Review
The News Review Today
The News Review - Special Section
The News Review Guest Columns
The News-Review Online Classifieds
The News-Review Archives
The Wire - News from AP linked from the News Review
... Roseburg, Oregon.

Oregon Live
The Oregonian
Northwest Headlines from The Oregonian Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Today's Oregon Live headlines
Today's Oregon Live Photos
The Oregonian
Oregon Live - NewsFlash
Oregon Live - Weather
Oregon Live - Live Traffic Report
Oregon Live - News Obituaries
Oregon Live - Pd. Death Notices
Oregon Live - Opinion
Oregon Live - Business
Oregon Live - Columnists
Oregon Live - Front Page
Oregon Live - Photo Galleries
Oregon Live - Regional Bulletins
Search Oregon Live
Oregon Live - Special Reports
Sign up for Oregon Live Newsletters
... Is The Oregonian online? and The Oregonian are separate companies with separate management. is a diversified Web site featuring The Oregonian's output, reinforced by 24/7 Associated Press NewsFlash and SportsFlash feeds, Sports Network content, the state's most comprehensive high school sports reporting service, entertainment calendars, Webcasts, streaming audio, forums, chat rooms, enhanced classifieds and more.

The Register-Guard
... Eugene, Oregon.

Statesman Journal
... Salem, Oregon

Portland Mercury Newspaper

The Portland Tribune

Mail Tribune
Mail Tribune Archives
... Jackson, County, Oregon.

Willamette Week Online
... Portland, Oregons News Weekly.

Baker City Herald
... Baker, Oregon

Roseburg Beacon
The Roseburg Beacon - Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association
Kittelman, Jaques buy Roseburg Beacon
The Roseburg Beacon joins newspapers in area owned by Oregon man
... This Newspaper does stories in-depth, they don't do like the spur-of-the-moment stories. In this paper, they're old news by the time it comes out, they don't cover those things like a daily, it's old news. They just have a whole different niche. The Roseburg Beacon is printed on Monday nights and will be available on Tuesdays and in subscriber's mail boxes on Wednesdays. A unique benefit to being a subscriber is the ability to submit classified ads while being an active customer for free. A unique benefit to being a subscriber is the free classified ads while being an active customer, for the price of a subscription, you can put your garage sales in all year.

Hawaii Magazine and Newspaper listings

Hawaiian Hard Drive
... Your Guide to All Things Hawaii.

Downtown Planet

Fil-Am Courier

H30 - Hawaii Water Sports

Haleakala Times

Hawaii Hispanic News

Hawaii Remodeling

Hawaii Skin Diver

... The merged newspapers of The Honolulu Advertiser and the Honolulu Star-Bulletin

The Honolulu Advertiser Back Issues
The Honolulu Advertiser Technology (WiredIn)
... The Honolulu Advertiser was a Hawaii daily newspaper.

Honolulu Newspaper War
New Star- Bulletin
Bulletin shutdown archive
Final edition of 'Old Bulletin'
Corky Trinidad - Corky's Editorial Cartoon
... The Honolulu Star-Bulletin was a Hawaii daily newspaper.

Honolulu Weekly

Island Golf Review

Island Lifestyle

Islander Magazine

Kau Landing: Big Island News

Lahaina News

Kihei Times

Maui Island Currents

Maui News

MidWeek Magazine Online
MidWeek Magazine Online

Molokai Advertiser News

Pacific Business News
Pacific Business News
... American City Business Journals Inc.


Small Business News

This Week
Choose an Island
... Things to do in Hawaii listed by island. For the tourist and resident. Coupons and maps.

SpotLight Gold Magazines
Oahu Gold
Maui Gold
Kauai Gold
Big Island Gold
... Things to do in Hawaii listed by island. For the tourist and resident. Coupons and maps.

University aVenue

West Hawaii Today

Windward Oahu News

Write to Aloha Magazine
... Aloha Magazine. Currently no web site.

Hawaii Fishing News

The Waikiki News

The Dispatch
... The newspaper of Molokai.

Military Magazine and Newspaper listings

Stars & Stripes - Pacific Edition
Stars & Stripes - European Edition

Hawaii Navy News
Hawaii Navy News Archives
... Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

Navy Newspaper and Media Sources

Hickam Kukini Weekly News
... Air Force Hawaii Community News.

Hawaii Army Weekly (HAW)

Hawaii Marine
Hawaii Marine PAO
... Marine Corps Base Hawaii, Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii.

2000 Marine Corps News

Sasebo Soundings
... Sasebo, Japan.

US Air Force News
Air Force Link
... USAF News Online news.

Tropic Topics Newspaper
... Andersen Air Force Base, Guam.

Navigator Newspaper
... Naval Forces, Guam, USA.

Army Times
Air Force Times
Navy Times
Federal Times
MarineCorps Times
Space News
Defense News
Military City
... Welcome to Military City Online Web Outpost. Here You can catch up on the latest military news from our Early Bird Brief daily summary. Explore and enjoy our extensive free area. By Army Times Publishing Company.

Federal Times
Department News - Postal Service, Defense, Veterans Affairs etc. -
Federal Pay and Benefits News -
Postal Service Department News -
Federal Agency News -
Federal Manager Viewpoints -
Federal Advice and Opinion -

Off Duty
... The military leisuretime magazine.

Airman Magazine

Soldiers Magazine

Coast Guard Magazine
Coast Guard Magazine

Naval Media Center
Archives of the Navy News Service
Navy NewsStand - The Source for Navy News
Navy News Around the Fleet Photo Gallery
Navy News Featured Galleries
News with a Focus on Commander, Navy Region Hawaii
Naval Station Rota Spain Navy NewsStand
... Naval Media Center includes All Hands Magazine, Captain's Call Kit, Direct to Sailors (DTS), Navy/Marine Corps News, Navy News Service, Navy Wire Service, Public Affairs Communicator, Marines Magazine, Soldiers Magazine, Airman Magazine, Coast Guard Magazine. The annual All Hands "Owner's and Operator"s Manual", is available at LIFELines 2000

All Hands
All Hands
... Magazine of the U.S. Navy.

Surface Warfare Magazine
Magazine Archives
... Surface warfare magazine for and about the U.S. Navy surface combatant.

Marines Magazine

FRA News Bytes
Fleet Reserve Association (FRA)
... Association for Enlisted personnel of the US Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard. The association also publishes a magazine called "Naval Affairs". To receive free weekly FRA News Bytes updates via e-mail, send your name, and e-mail address to and request to be added to the FRA's News-Bytes listing.

... The site offers the latest news, photographs, transcripts and other information about the U.S.-led global effort against terrorism. The goal is to inform the public, both in the U.S. and abroad, of what the U.S. is doing to combat global terrorism.

DefenseLink (W)
DefenseLink Site Map
... The official web site of the U.S. Department of Defense and the starting point for finding U.S. military information online. It includes links to the different branches of the military, as well as biographies of leaders of the Defense Department, military news, and links to other military related sites from the Anthrax Vaccination Program to Y2K.

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Colorado Springs Gazette

Pacific Islands Report
Pacific Islands Report (text)
Pacific Islands Report (graphics)
... Pacific Islands Development Program/East-West Center. Center for Pacific Islands Studies/University of Hawaii. The website for News and Information About the Pacific Islands.

London Times Newspapers Ltd.

Sun Times

Boston Globe Online (W)
Boston Globe Online - Columnists
... The Boston Globe.

The Washingtonian On Line

The Capital Home Page


Gannett Newspapers on the Web

The News and Observer Raleigh, N.C.

The Inquirer
... Philadelphia, Penn.

Mercury Center News
... San Jose, Calif.

Pacific Daily News (PDN)
Guam Local News
... Pacific Daily News, Guam, USA

Asahi English News
... A Japanese paper.

Tokyo Weekender
... A forum for foreigners in Japan.

Internet World Extra
... Because paper isn't enough.

The Washington Weekly (W)

The Bucknellian
... Campus newspaper of Bucknell University.

... Create your own newspaper.

Boston Globe

The Seattle Times Co. (H)
Today's Top Stories
... Washington state's largest daily newspaper.

The Spokesman Review
... Spokane, WA.

Orlando Sentinel
... Orlando, FL

PathFinder (Time)
Time Warner Corp.
TIME Magazine
TIME Magazine
TIME Daily News Stories (Live Interviews)
TIME Digital (Tech News & Deal of the Day)
Digital Daily
Warner Bros.
Market Timing
... TIME and CNN's extended family.

Webcrawler Top News Photos
Excite News

Odd news
Oddly Enough News
The Fake News
Weird News
Real News Right Now
Yahoo Oddly Enough
Oddly Enough, from Reuters - If it's not news its Fark Top 25 links
Tiscali News - Oddly Enough From Reuters
Oddly Enough from Reuters
Offbeat news from Associated Press
White Board News - barebones design, same weird stories
Curious Times - trippy news from a dysfunctional world
Bizarre news - delivered by e-mail
Eightball Magazine - highly personal choices, commentary
The Onion - news that might have been, from friends in Wisconsin
BNN: The Bogus News Network
Dystopian Society Newswire Service
News of the Weird
Jaco's Wacky Newz
Dateline Hollywood - It's motto is to "cover with unerring integrity that which matters least"
... Odd news sites. Some sites are inappropriate for children, and for the easily offended.
... Intelligence for the internet economy.

The Weather Channel

The Jerusalem Post Daily Internet Edition

China Times (In Chinese)

The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition

... All the News, on the Net, all the Time.

The Australian Online

The Age - News online
The Age Site Guide
... is the electronic edition of Melbourne's premier daily newspaper, The Age. The Age publishes about two thirds of the print edition.

Philadelphia Online

Pikiran Rakyat Online

Electronic Telegraph

SF Gate: The Bay Area's Home Page
... Online home of the San Francisco Examiner, the Chronicle, KRON-TV Channel 4 (NBC affiliate), Bay Area Backroads, BayTV, and much more.

The Nando Times

Straits Times Interactive

United Media

The Irish Times

The Times Internet Edition

... Number One In News.

The Sydney Morning Herald

Welcome to AsiaOne

The Chicago Tribune

FOX News


Houston Chronicle Interactive

The Times of India
... The Internet Newspaper.

Pharmaceutical Information Network

The Age

Indian Express Publications

Deccan Herald

... Indonesia Media Services.

Zippo's News Service

Sky Internet

Chicago Sun-Times Online

South China Morning Post

Bangkok Post

The Official Deep Purple Site

The Denver Post Online

The Knoxville News-Sentinel Online

New York Post

The New York Sun

The Electric Library

International Herald Tribune

Daily Journal

Lycos TopNews

Detroit Free Press

Newsday News
Newsday Editorials and Opinion columns
... The source for Long Island, Queens and New York City breaking news plus weather, sports, entertainment, shopping, restaurants, real estate, jobs, business, classifieds and more.

Channel 4

Filipino Internet Business Center (FIBC)

London Evening Standard

Die Welt - Titelseite

New Jersey Online

The Christian Science Monitor

The WeatherLab


Bangkok Post

PR Newswire


The Dallas Morning News

Irish News


StarNet's Public Pages

New Music Express (NME)

Hong Kong Standard


Universo G

Santa Rosa Press Democrat Online

The Montreal Gazette

American Bodybuilding


SignOn San Diego
San Diego Union-Tribune

Serial SEARCH Publications

PA NewsCentre

Alquds Daily Newspaper

Investor's Business Daily
... Financial newspaper.

The Economic Times

Northwest Link


... The Tribune-Review Internet WWW Location.

Velonews Interactive

The Internet Hankyoreh


The Earth Times
... Daily Web Edition-news on the environment and current affairs from Africa, The America's, Asia and Europe.

Foster's Daily Democrat
... Dover New Hampshire.

Las Vegas Review-Journal

The Salt Lake Tribune
... Utah's Statewide Newspaper.

Cache Valley Daily
... Utah.

The Village Voice Worldwide

Clarinet Communications Corp.

San Antonio Express-News Online

Editor & Publisher Interactive

Florida Weather Center
... Tampa Bay Online.

Arizona Central
... The premiere source for information about Arizona and Phoenix. News sources are the Arizona Republic and the Arizona Business Gazette.

The Sunday Times

Shetland Times

Dow Jones & Company
... From the publishers of the Wall Street Journal.

Reuters Media Group

USA Weekend
Site Index
USA Weekend Web Resources
... A newspaper insert magazine. USAweekend online.

Boston Herald

Massachusetts News

The Norwich Bulletin - Norwich, Connecticut
... The online edition of The Blade, Toledo's only daily newspaper. The web site is the leading online source for news and information in northwest Ohio.

Record Search Light (
... Redding, Calif.

Detroit News Online
Detroit News Auto Insider

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National Papers

USATODAY - Front Page
USA Today site map and Archives
USA Today Electronic Edition - An exact digital copy of the print edition
USA Today Electronic Edition - An exact digital copy of the print edition
USA Today Print Edition Account information
My USA Today News Paper
USA Today Section - Faith and Reason: A conversation about religion, spirituality and ethics Tech Index
USA Today Tech
USA Today News
USA Today Money
USA Today Sports
USA Today Weather
USA Today Life
USA Today Web Guide
... USATODAY Newspaper.

Washington Post
News Index
Columns - Cartoons

The New York Times
The New York Times Member Center
New York Times FAX
The New York Times Online
The New York Times News Services Division

Los Angeles Times - LA Times
LA Times Political News

The Miami Herald
Miami Herald USA

Pennsylvania Newspapers

Philadelphia Daily News

Pennsylvania Newspaper Publishers' Edition

The Press and Journal Extra

The Evening Sun Online

Lancaster Online

The Times News

Philadelphia City Paper

The Chestnut Hill Local

The Gazette

Schuylkill Online

Pittsburgh City Paper

The Sunday Voice

Voices on the Internet

The Weekender Online

York Digital Record

North Hills' News Record

Washington, DC Newspapers

The Washington Times
The Washington Times
Inside the Beltway
Nation and Politics from The Washington Times
... America's Newspaper.

Roll Call Online

Washington Technology Online

The Washington CityPaper

Maryland Newspapers

Gazette Newspapers

Patuxtent Publishing

The Baltimore News

SunSpot (The Baltimore Sun)

The Citypaper (Baltimore)

The Cumberland Times-News

The Baltimore Chronicle

The Afro-Americans Newspapers Home Page

Maryland Times Press

The Capital

The Shore Journal

The Herald Mail

Virginia Newspapers

Times Community Newspapers

Fauquier Times-Democrat

Loudoun Times-Mirror

Danville Register and Bee

The Journal (VA and MD)

The Virginia Pilot

Daily Xpress

Richmond Times- Dispatch

The Daily News Leader

The Loudoun Easterner

The Charlottesville and Albemarle Observer

Potomac News

The Fauquier Citizen

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World Magazine - Weekly News with Christian Views
World Mission Magazine on the Web

NetGuide (H)

Redbook (H)

Runners World

Golf Digest
... The #1 golf publication.

PC Computing (W)
... The name says it all.

Rising Tide On-Line (W)
... A complimentry magazine on Guam that has computer articles, classified adds, commercial adds and a mixture of topics.

Tandem Magazine

Internet Shopper Magazine

Online Computer Magazines
... Online magazines.

Pacific Magazine

WordPerfect Magazine (W)
... The magazine.

Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated for Kids

Readers Digest
Readers Digest
Readers Digest Site Map
Readers Digest Site Index
Readers Digest Store
Readers Digest C. F. Payne's Gallery
Readers Digest C. F. Payne's Gallery
Readers Digest Tools and Quizzes
Readers Digest Magazine
Reader's Digest Christmas
Article Archives
Online Archives
International web sites
Laugh Lines
Word Power
Surprising Things You Can Do On-line
Readers Digest Health
New Choices
... A world of information and entertainment.

Forbes Digital Tool

LAN Times Home
... A computer magazine.


Wired News

... A magazine you have to read to believe.

Consumers Union
Consumers Union Financial Privacy Now
Consumer Reports Online (W)
Consumer Reports Magazine customer service
Consumer Reports Site Map
Consumer Reports A to Z index
Zillions Magazine
... Some features are free others have a fee. Find out if there is a recall on a product you own. Also check out "Zillions" the Consumers Union's magazine for young people. Keep your eye on the issues affecting your wallet, your health, and your safety. A Consumer Advocacy web site and the nonprofit publisher of magazines like Consumer Reports and "Zillions" for young people. These sites provide informative and educational materials on a variety of consumer issues.

Guideposts Magazine
Guideposts Magazine Change of Address
Daily Guideposts
Daily Guideposts
Daily Guideposts Directory
Guideposts Family Room current Issue
Guideposts Family Room
Guideposts Family Room and Archives
Guideposts Family Room Archives
Inspirational Poetry
The stories behind the most beloved gospel songs
... Your Daily Source of Inspiration. Motivating stories, daily devotionals, faith, spirituality, positive thinking, prayer, fellowships, e cards, self-help.

Orange County Register
... Business section.

Orange County Register
... Front page.

Lindsay Publications (W)
... Reprints of out of publication books and technicial manuals that deal with the world of electronics and working with metal. There are a few miscellaneous publications like how to make Sourdough bread starter and how to make your own soda pop with CO2. These publications are classics.

Rodale Press Online
... SCUBA Diving, Cycling.

BillBoard Magazine
... A Most popular music recorded.

Salon Magazine
Salon Magazine Archives by subject
Salon Magazine archives listed by date
... Salon Magazine Salon Magazine is an interactive daily magazine covering a wide spectrum of cultural and political affairs, from books and travel to movies and technology.

The Old Farmer's Almanac
... North America's oldest continually published magazine. Renowned for its tidal reports, astronomical data, weather forecasts, witty advice and dry humor. You'll also find information and guidance for the home owner, gardener and cook. Monthly features include a essay, recipe and craft. Daily updates include Today in History, Today in Weather History, Advice of the Day and Question of the Day.

... The full text of Business Week, the Business Week daily briefing, and several years of BW archives. BizLink provides links to advertisers.

Government Computer News
... A daily news magazine on the web.

TV Guide

RIP City magazine
... Official publication of the NBA Portland Trail Blazers in Portland Oregon NBA.

American Cowboy

Continental Magazine
... Inflight Magazine.

... Magazine.

... Covers topics such as Automotive, Technology, Home Improvment, Science, Outdoors and even shopping.

U.S. News & World Report


National Geographic Society

Texas Monthly
Texas Monthly Archives
... Since 1973, Texas Monthly has chronicled life in contemporary Texas, reporting on vital issues such as politics, the environment, industry, and education. As a leisure guide, Texas Monthly continues to be the indispensable authority on the Texas scene, covering music, the arts, travel, restaurants, museums, and cultural events with its insightful recommendations. Texas Monthly has a reputation for providing its readers with a magazine of the highest editorial quality.

Invention and Technology Magazine
Invention and Technology Magazine Archives

American Heritage Magazine
American Heritage Magazine Archives

American Legacy Magazine
American Legacy Magazine Archives
... Celebrating African - American history and culture.

The Intellectual Activist
TIA Daily
... A monthly magazine analyzing current political, cultural, and philosophic issues from a pro-reason, pro-individualist perspective. The Intellectual Activist is especially dedicated to understanding and promoting the revolutionary ideas of the 20th-century novelist and philosopher Ayn Rand — the great champion of the power of reason, the supreme value of the individual, and the unfettered liberty of a capitalist society. Natural History Magazine
Natural History Magazine Picks from the Past Archive

Hillsdale College
Hillsdale College IMPRIMIS
... Hillsdale, MI. IMPRIMIS (im-prí-mis) is a excellent monthly publication of Hillsdale College that takes its name from the Latin term for “in the first place,”.

American Profile - A Weekly Magazine Celebrating American Life
American Profile Articles
Helping Soldiers Stay in Touch - Cell Phones for Soldiers
... Recipes, cookbooks and stories that celebrate the people, places and things that make America great.

National Review Online

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Computer / Internet / Technology Related Web Sites

Digital Dave
Digital Dave Links
San Diego ComputorEdge
Colorado ComputorEdge
New Mexico ComputorEdge
ComputorEdge Magazine Article Archives in PDF format
... The Digital Dave who writes a column for the San Diego, CA magazine "ComputorEdge" a excellent free weekly computer magazine.

The WEB Magazine Online
... A computer magazine.

Boardwatch - Analysis of telecom software, services, and strategy
... Boardwatch provides in-depth daily news, analysis, and reports about how telecom operators can make (and save) money from the creation and delivery of services.

Network Computing Magazine
Network Computing Tech Quiz
Network Computing Tech Quiz Answers
Network Computing Magazine - Last Mile
Network Computing Survivors' Guide to TechQuiz Results

eWeek Online
eWeek curent issue
eWeek Subscription Help
eWeek Online (ZdNet)
News Archives
News Archives (ZdNet)
eWeek in Acrobat
eWeek in Acrobat (ZdNet)
eWeek Previous Editions in Acrobat
eWeek Previous Editions in Acrobat (ZdNet)
eWeek Newsletter's
eWeek.Com Back Issues
eWeek Links
eWeek Live
eWeek Webcast
eSeminars - Interactive Security Test
... Formerly PC Week. Computer and Internet Industry IT News. You can read it online or have it Emailed to you in Text or HTML format there are several news letters to choose from. eWeek Links is where you find out more about a news story or Spotlight item that appeared in the print version of eWEEK. This page is regularly updated with additional information and helpful Web links.


Network Computing
... Network Computing (formerly IT Architect) (formerly Network Magazine) was discontinued as a print publication as of the March 2006 issue. The outstanding Architecture (IT, Network, Infrastructure, Security, etc.) coverage you came to expect from IT Architect continues in Network Computing.

Optimize Magazine

The TechWeb Pipelines

Financial Technology Network

Wall Street Technology

Bank Systems Technology

Insurance Technology


IT Pro Downloads

Secure Enterprise

Intelligent Enterprise

CRN Vital Information For VARs And Technology Integrators
... The first with breaking news for builders of technology solutions. All of the technology news and information solution providers need to be successful. Product reviews, exclusive research, radio reports and hard-hitting opinion pieces.

Sm@rt Reseller OnLine (SRO)
Sm@rt Reseller OnLine (SRO)
Subscribe to Sm@rt Reseller OnLine (Paper)
Issue Index
... Computer magazine from ZdNet. Source of news, information, and resources to help smart resellers manage their businesses.

Smart Partner Magazine Issues
Smart Partner Magazine Issues
Smart Partner Magazine Issues
SOHO Sentinels - Firewall Article

Network World Fusion
Network World Fusion Site Map
Network World Resource Links
Network World Fusion News
Network World Fusion - NetFlash - Breaking News
Network World Fusion's FREE e-mail newsletter subscription center
Network World Fusion's FREE e-mail newsletter subscription center
Network World Columnists
Backspin By Mark Gibbs
... Networking news and resources from the leader in network knowledge: Breaking news, in-depth reviews, technology overviews and forums.

Information Week
InformationWeek free email newsletters
... - career resources, news, jobs and resumes in Information Technology and Engineering
Tech Careers Report a bi-weekly email covering the latest career and job news from InformationWeek and
... Find the perfect job at TechCareers. Search thousands of jobs, post your resume and take advantage of all the free career tools for job seekers. Employers - Get started today by posting your available jobs and begin your search for the ideal candidate. provides a variety of recruitment services to meet the diverse and individual needs of corporate employers everywhere.


... VARBusiness provides strategic news and analysis for solution providers and technology integrators.

InfoWorld Opinions
... Computer and Internet Industry.

... Computer and Internet Industry.

Network Magazine
Subscribe to Network Magazine
Dr. Dobb's Journal
SD Expo
MSDN Magazine
Sys Admin
Dr. Dobb's Architecture and Design
... SDMG websites and computer magazines. is a community web site for developers using the Microsoft .NET Framework. is a community for developers to come and learn about building solutions using Microsoft SQL Server while being part of a collaborative community of peers. Effective with the May 2006 issue, the Software Development magazine merged with Dr. Dobb's Journal.

CMP TechWeb - The Business Technology Network
CMP TechWeb News
CMP TechReviews
CMP TechWeb Encyclopedia
... TechWeb is your jumping-off point to the best business technology information on the Web. Comprehensive story packages, breaking news, in-depth features, insightful analysis, product reviews, and hard-hitting opinion pieces: All are just one or two clicks away, so you can grab the critical IT content you want without wasting time.

CIO Insight
... For today's high powered senior level technology executives.

Computer Life

Ziff-Davis Publishing (Text)
ZD Net (W)
Directory listing of Ziff (F)
ZD Net Subscriptions (Magazines)
... Ziff Publishing home of PC Week, Mac Week, Computer Shopper, PC Magazine and many other computer magazines.

ZD Net Reviews

... Case Studies, Tools and Best Practices for Better Project and Process Management. Baseline is the practical guide to costing, planning and managing next generation IT solutions to meet baseline results.

Computer Shopper
... The magazine.

PC Magazine Online
... PC Magazine's online.

John C. Dvorak's Inside Track
John C. Dvorak
... Opinions from PC Magazine Columnists and Editor John C. Dvorak. Come here to read John C. Dvorak's opinions, rants, essays, and personal viewpoints on computers and technology.

TipADay (W)
... PCWorld's Tipaday newsletter.

PCWorld (Frames)
PC World Today
PC World Site Index
... Go to PCWorld's Web site to learn about the latest in hardware, software, and news in and around the computer world. A news letter is also available in text or HTML format.

Advisory Council (W)
... Join PCWorld's Online Advisory Council and complete surveys in areas of interest so that PCWorld may hone their content to suite readers needs.

ExtremeTech - Deep technology for enthusiasts and professionals
... ExtremeTech provides deep technical content about new products and technologies. It reaches committed, active technology users, managers, and enthusiasts through detailed reviews, analysis, tutorials, extensive resource links, and interactive, discussion-based community. lang="en-us"

ZDI Magazine
... ZD Internet Magazine.



Internet World Magazine (W)

Federal Computer Week (
All about Federal Computer Week (
Data Call - Links related to stories in the Federal Computer Week magazine
Federal Computer Week magazine Archives
The Download - A online link to the print edition of Federal Computer Week
Federal Computer Week ( E-mail newsletters
... Government IT news.

Government Health IT

Computerworld - The Voice of IT Management
... The Voice of IT Management.

Software Test and Performance Magazine
Back Issues of Software Test and Performance Magazine
Software Development Times (SD Times)
... You may download back issues of Software Test and Performance as PDF files.

CNet Tech News
CNet/News.Com Back Issues
CNet/News.Com One Week View
cNet sitemap
... All part of cNet. Computer & Internet Industry.

The Register
... Lots of Tech news stories.

Computer Currents

MSNBC Technology

ZDNet News
... Technology news now.

Tech Blogs on ZDNet
... Blogs on technology, for business and IT professionals. Updated daily, ZDNet Blogs provides analysis, expertise, and a filter on the news. RSS feeds available for all blogs.

ZDNet Techupdate
... Top 5 priorities of enterprise IT - Tech Update - ZDNet.

... Skip the squeaky clean PR-approved explanations of stories. Techdirt is for people who like getting their hands dirty. It's for people who want to know more. It's for people who get involved, and ask questions and dig deep to find out what's really going on. It's about news and business in the high tech world. It's not a techie site. It's not a business site. It might be somewhere in between.

2000: The Internet year in review
... The Web's leading source of Business and Technology Satire.

Computerworld Site Index
Computerworld E-mail Newsletters
Computerworld Communities
Computerworld Knowledge Centers
Computerworld RFP Center
Computerworld Training
Computerworld Conferences
Computerworld Books
Computerworld Surveys

News Factor Network
... NewsFactor Network is one of the largest e-business and technology news publishers in the U.S. The network of news sites attracts a targeted audience of buyers and decision makers who need timely industry news and reliable analysis

Yahoo News - Technology
... was created by a group of former Apple Authorized Resellers as a means to document and share any unethical or illegal business practices of Apple Computer, Inc. Their ultimate goal is to change Apple Computer for the better. They are currently in litigation with Apple and our causes of action are detailed in the complaint. In order to accomplish their stated goal they want to uncover any skeletons that exist at Apple. Please help by reporting any wrongdoing that you suspect or know about to all appropriate government agencies and us. They sincerely believe that the only way to make Apple Computer become a better corporate citizen is to Tell On Apple!

The Neistat Brothers talk about the iPod Dirty Secret

WebProNews - Breaking eBusiness News
... Your source for investigative ebusiness reporting and breaking news.

Slashdot - News for nerds, stuff that matters

Ars Technica - The Art of Technology
... Technology news from around the world.

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Television (TV) Stations and Networks

Naked News - The Program With Nothing To Hide
Tuning in for naked news
Naked News by
Naked News Daily Male - News witha Gay Perspective
... Naked News is produced week-day mornings, digitized for the web, and posted for viewing late afternoons, Monday through Friday. It is free to online viewers, who can watch the news of the day or archived programs, whenever it is convenient for them. Naked News is both informative and entertaining. A team of four women report on Business, International, Entertainment, Sports and Weather news, The team includes Victoria Sinclair (lead anchor), Carmen Russo (business and sports), Diane Foster (weather and general news), and Holly Weston (entertainment and sports).

Internet Broadcasting
... TV Internet Broadcasting.

Dish Network
Dish Sitemap
Dish Network User Guides and Manuals
Dish Network Member Login
DirectTV cost calculator
DirectTV Program Guide
DirectTV Channel choices
DIRECTV Programming Packages
DirectTV Packages Comparison Chart
DirectTV package comparison guide (pdf)
DirectTV printable channel lineup (PDF)
XM Satellite Radio on DirecTV
DirectTV premium services
DirectTV Sports Pack
... Direct TV has more than 225 available channels featuring premium movie channels, sports, family programming, music, pay per view movies and events, local channels, Spanish-language programming.
My Dish
My Dish Perks
... With DISH Perks, you get all the extras for nothing extra. Enjoy exclusive free shows, free previews of some of our best channels, new channel additions, and free online content - all included in your DISH subscription!

C-SPAN Resources
C-SPAN Site Index(W)
C-SPAN White House/Executive Resources
C-SPAN State/Local Resources

CNN Financial News (CNNFN)
Quick News
CNN Online Links
CNN Online Links
CNN Interactive
CNN Europe
AllPolitics CNN/Time
Announcing a new mega-merger: Bush-Gore Inc.
Bush-Gore Inc. Mega-Merger (archive)
... CNN News Sites.

Nightly Business Report
... TV finicial report on PBS TV.

PBS Online
Shop PBS
Learn what is wrong about Evolution

ESPNET SportsZone

Welcome to SportsLine USA
Discovery Channel

... Channel 10 in San Diego, CA

KOIN News, Weather, Sports (W)
KATU - Ch. 2 Portland - ABC (W)
KATU News - Ch. 2 Portland - ABC (W)
KGW - NBC Northwest NewsChannel 8 (W)
KPTV Channel 12
KPDX UPN 49 - Fox 49 Portland
... Portland, Oregon Television (TV) stations.

... Northwest news coverage.

KHET Site Map
Program Schedule
Full Text Schedule for the Month
Alphabetical Monthly Program Summary
Contact Information
... Hawaii Public Television (HPTV). Email:

Channel 3000 WISC-TV

CBS News

ABC News
ABC News NewsFlash
20/20 Index



KALO TV38, K38-Spirit of Aloha
... Oahu - Honolulu, Hawaii.

... FOX news channel 2 Honolulu, HI.

... KITV TV channel 4, Honolulu, Hawaii.

... TV Channel 9 News in Honolulu, Hawaii.

K5 TV 5
... News channel 5 Honolulu, HI.

... Armed Forces Radio and Television Service.

... KUSA, Denver, Colorado.

KGET - In The Spirit of the Golden Empire
... KGET 17 - The News Source for Bakersfield California.

WKMG Sitemap
... WKMG Central Florida TV.

... Acadiana, Louisiana.

KMTR NewsSource 16
... Eugene, Oregon - Breaking News, Local News, Local Weather, Local Sports.

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Television (TV) Programs/Shows

TV News Archives
... This site consists of a huge database that makes up the Vanderbilt University collection of network television news progams. Since August 5th. 1968, The Television News Archive has systematically recorded, abstracted, and indexed national television newscasts, and Vanderbilt University now allows anyone with web access to read through them. While not very eye-catching or aesthetic, (the entire site looks like an FTP or Gopher area), if you are interested in what made the news 30 years ago you'll find a lot to keep you busy. Abstracts of newscasts from the three major networks can be found either by the specific date or by browsing through entire years from 1968 to present.

Computer Chronicles
Pick of the Week Archive
Computer Chronicles Archives
... Computer TV show.


The Today Show

Dateline NBC

Court TV
... TV program.

Hawaiian Moving Company

Spirit Communications, Inc. adult - contemporary - music
... SPIRIT; a music video channel with positive, encouraging music for adults featuring music videos from artists like Third Day, MercyMe, Newsboys and Rebecca St. James. SPIRIT is exclusively on Sky Angel direct-to-home satellite, channel 9706.

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Radio Programs/Shows

The Michael Reagan Talk Show
Listen to The Michael Reagan Talk Show
Michael Reagan weekly column
The Michael Reagan Show
Subscribe to The Michael Reagan Show PodCast
The Michael Reagan Show PodCast
... The son of former President Ronald Reagan discusses current issues and politics in entertaining and enthusiastic tones. The "very independent" Michael Reagan takes on both sides of the aisle each weeknight. Live - Monday through Friday from 3PM - 6PM PST. To call in dial 1-800-486-MIKE (1-800-468-6453). Your source for the best in conservative thought and political commentary. Listen LIVE or catch a show that you might have missed in the Archive.

On The House with the Carey Brothers.
Listen to On The House with the Carey Brothers. Radio Show
Listen to a On The House with the Carey Brothers. Radio Show Archive
On The House Monthly E- Newsletter Archives
On The House with the Carey Brothers. and In The Kitchen with Dom DeLuise
Dom DeLuise
Rebecca Cole
... This web site is the home of the Home Improvement radio show, On The House, which airs weekly. On The House airs every Saturday from 9AM to 1PM Eastern Time. Call the radio show at (800) 737-2474. James Carey and Morris Carey, known as the Carey Brothers., are nationally-recognized experts on home building and renovation.

Fight Back with David Horowitz

Car Talk FAQ
Car Talk
Car Talk History - How Tom and Ray Got Their Start
Show and Staff Biographies
Dear Tom and Ray Car Talk Archives
Classic Features from Car Talk (Like a site map)
Tom and Ray of Car Talk in the Radio Hall of Fame
Looking for a great mechanic?
Search for a mechanic by State
Add your own recommendation about a repair shop or mechanic
Submitt a review of your favorite mechanic
Look up a repair shop by name and location and see what readers have to say about it
Get a recommendation for a repair shop, ranked by the criteria you choose
Search for a great mechanic by criteria
Car Talk on Did you miss a recent Car Talk Show?
Radio show carried on 90.9FM, WBUR
Alphabetically table of contents
Click and Clack columns
Search the Car Talk Columns
Car-O-Scope - Are you a good match for your car?
Time Kill Central
The Puzzler
Answer the Puzzler
Mail and Chat Section
SnailMail and Email Addresses
Email Click and Clack about anything
Columnists Slam Phones In Cars
Car Talk Declares War on Cell Phones - Drive Now, Talk Later
H-E-L-L (Hall of Erudite and Learned Letters)
Catalog of Various Items
Car Talk Shameless Commerce
Full Catalog
Car Talk Music
The Best of Car Talk recent episodes
Best of Car Talk on Wisconsin Public Radio
NPR: Car Talk Podcast on
Car Talk on
Car Talk the Radio Show
NPR: Car Talk Podcast
... The popular call call in radio show with bad car advice on Public Radio. Car Talk is a weekly call-in show featuring Tom and Ray Magliozzi (Click and Clack the Tappet Brothers) that is all about automobiles (Model Reports, Cars for Sale, Test Drives, Car Reports, Survey Results, Car Talk Column, Auto Loan Calculator) and much more. Call them at 888 CAR TALK (888-227-8255) to ask your car question. For listeners outside the U.S., the number is (US Country Code) + 617-353-6350. The Radio show is live on Saturdays at 11:00AM - 12:00PM and rebroadcast at 7:00PM - 8:00PM Eastern time. You can listen to past radio shows on some web sites, radio stations or podcast sites.

A Prairie Home Companion (PHC)
A Prairie Home Companion (PHC)
Minnesota Public Radio
Listen to Minnesota Public Radio
A Prairie Home Companion (PHC) Podcast
A Prairie Home Companion schedule and tickets for live shows
A Prairie Home Companion Show Archive - 1996 to present
A Prairie Home Companion Web Archive
A Prairie Home Companion Joke Index
How to Listen to A Prairie Home Companion
A Prairie Home Companion Radio Show - January 5, 2002 - Live from the Hawaii Theater in downtown Honolulu, Hawaii
... Minnesota Public Radio Presents A Prairie Home Companion on NPR. 800.967.4001. Listen Online, Live: Saturday,12noon - 2 pm HST (5-7 pm CT), Repeat: Sunday, 7am - 12 noon HST (Noon-2 pm CT). Saturday, 4:45 - 8:00 pm CST. Listen in Live APHC (Mono) Mono , Stereo .

Art Bell
Coast to Coast
... The undisputed king of late night radio, George Noory discusses all things unexplained. Interviews, storytelling and discussions about the bizarre create a mysterious backdrop allowing George to create riveting radio. Saturday Barbara Simpson hosts Saturday nights and Ian Punnett takes the reigns Sunday night. Live - Monday through Sunday from 1:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. ET

The Weekend with Mike McConnell

The Phil Hendrie Show
... Controversial talk radio. America's newest syndicated star, Phil Hendrie is revered in the radio business for his unique brand of Radio Theater. Phil portrays a variety of guests who take topics to an absurd conclusion. It's not just funny (but funny it is!)... It's commentary delivered through satire and exaggeration. Live - Monday through Friday from 7:00 p.m. to 10 p.m. ET.

After Midnite with Blair Garner
... Controversial talk radio.

The Jim Rome Show
... Controversial talk radio. In the Jungle, the rule is survival of the fittest. In the Jim Rome sports jungle, the rule is exactly the same, with The King of Smack moderating a fast paced and take-no-prisoners debate on sports and more. This is not talk for the faint of heart or the weak of opinion. Live - Monday through Friday from 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. ET.

Values Through Media
Cal Thomas
Cal Thomas archives
Cal Thomas Column
Cal Thomas Commentaries (
Cal Thomas Commentaries (
Cal Thomas Commentaries (
Cal Thomas Commentaries Archive (
Cal Thomas Radio Transcripts (
Cal Thomas Examiner Columnist
Cal Thomas - Audio - The Two Kingdoms at Bel Air Presbyterian Church

... Cal Thomas, LA Times syndicated columnist.

Dr. Laura Schlessinger
Where to Hear Dr. Laura
Live and archived shows
Support Dr. Laura
Stop Dr. Laura
... Radio talk show host and author Dr. Laura preaches, teaches, and nags her callers to do the right thing, based not on what is expedient or popular but instead, driven by a moral compass. Dr. Laura presents practical advice in a no-nonsense "tough-love" way. She is heard and adored by an audience that numbers in the millions. Live - Monday through Friday from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. ET.

Dr. Dean Edell (Health Central)
Cool Tools
Live and archived shows
... Dr. Dean in widely known as "America's Dr."-For good reason. Dr. Dean offers millions of listeners a practical guide to good health. Entertaining calls, great advice, and lively discussion make Dr. Dean an institution across America. Live - Monday through Friday from 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. ET.

North American
... The Oliver North Show HomePage! Common Sense Radio. Broadcasting from the Nation's Capitol, Ollie takes your calls Monday through Friday, 3 to 6 PM EST at 1-888-99-NORTH. You can also fax Ollie at 202-408-1087 and email Ollie by visiting the "E-mail Ollie" section of this Homepage. Don't miss another minute as Oliver North brings Common Sense to Radio and the Internet!

Bruce Williams
... Talk radio.

The Foxworthy Countdown
Jeff Foxworthy - Redneck Joke of the day
... Jeff Foxworthy.

The Drudge Report
The Drudge Report
The Drudge Report Archives
... Home of Matt Drudge the Internet gossip columnist. Lots of news links. This independant, self-taught reporter offers his free analysis on the state of the world and media. Exclusive scoops, political news and opinion hosted by the Internet's hottest reporter and one-man news bureau, Matt Drudge. Live - Sunday from 10:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. ET. The Drudge Report Archives take a snapshot of the every 2 minutes 24/7. Snap shots are recorded to the time line only when the Drudge Report changes. All the special reports filed by Matt Drudge are archived as well. Matt Drudge does not own, operate or maintain the archive site. He is not responsible for it in any way.

The Rush Limbaugh Radio Show
Rush Limbaugh Fan Links
The Unofficial Rush Limbaugh Page
The newsgroup
Rush Limbaugh No Boundaries Tie Collection
... Perhaps no other conservative media pundit has reshaped the political landscape more than Rush Limbaugh. The nation's top radio talk show host, Rush Limbaugh has conquered the airways with an entertaining and informative brand of conservatism that hits home with millions of Americans. Live - Monday through Friday from 12:00 p.m. to 3 p.m. ET.

Kim Komando Komputer Klinic
About Kim Komando and Pictures
Kim's Bio - Archive
Kim's Tip of the Day
Kim's Tip Categories
Kim's Weekly Kolumn
Kim's News Letter
Kim's Radio Show Picks
Kim's Radio Show
Kim's Kool Site Categories
Kim Komando Kool Sites
Kim Komando Kool Sites of the Week List
Kim's Shareware Pick of the Week
Kim's Kool Site Kompilation
Kim Komando's 10 Commandments For Kids
Kim Komandos's Computer Tip of the Day
Kim Komando's Consumer Reviews - Tell the good and bad stories
Komputer Klinic Kolumn by Kim Komando - a feature of Charleston.Net
Kim Komando's Big List of Hardware and Software Links
Kim Komando Show on Youtube
... Kim Komando's Komputer Klinic has information available in many ways, you can subscribe to her newsletter, listen to her radio show, check her column, or catch her on television. Her show is about Computers and the Internet, find out why Kim's helpful hints and humorous approach have earned her the nickname "The Digital Goddess". You can talk to Kim "America's Beloved Digital Goddess®," by simply calling the Kim Komando Computer Show at 1-888-825-5254 (1-888-Talk2Kim) any Saturday morning, 7 am to 10 am Pacific Time. The show provides free information that makes using your computer easy and fun. Browse the library of articles, frequently asked questions, computer tips, tricks and secrets, kool web sites, network radio shows, and a lot more! Take command of your computer with the Digital Goddess, Kim Komando. Kim is also the Computer Editor for Popular Mechanics and an author.

Michael Medved
Michael Medved Radio Show
Michael Medved Talk Radio Broadcast Archive
Michael Medved (TownHall)
Hear Yesterday's Michael Medved Radio Show
Medved Movie Reviews
... Weekdays 2pm to 5pm, Pacific Time. From pop culture to politics; from religion to feminism; from entertainment to family; from race to sexuality, a contemporary talk show with style and personality. 1-800-955-1776.

Hot Talk 560 KSFO
... A San Francisco Bay area radio station. Replays of talk show hosts like Sean Hannity.

The Ken Hamblin Show - The Black Avenger
... Ken Hamblin The Black Avenger Weekdays. The Hottest Conservative on Radio
E-Mail The Black Avenger
B.A.C., P.O. Box 100037, Denver,CO 80250
Call and speak your mind during the show
1-800-462-6479, Fax 801-749-4750
Or call our comment line 303-758-4099
PST 12 noon-3 pm\ MST 1pm-4pm \ CST 2pm-5pm \ EST 3pm-6pm

Premiere Radio Networks
Premiere Talk
Premiere Demos
Premiere Radio Networks Talk Radio Hosts
... Premiere Radio Networks is America's third largest radio network reaching 100 million listeners weekly with the Top Talk and Radio Shows. Radio shows like Jim Rome, Rush Limbaugh, Phil Hendrie, Blair Gardner, After Midnite, Dr. Dean Edell, Dr. Laura Schlessinger.

Glenn Beck

Ben and Brian

Bob and Tom

Rick Dees

Fox Sports

The Group Room

John Boy and Billy

Kidd Kraddick

The T-Man Show

The Lars Larson Show
The Lars Larson Show
The Lars Larson Show on Facebook
The Lars Larson Show Audio Files on Tumblr
The Lars Larson Show Audio File Archives on Tumblr
Listen online to News Radio 750AM KXL
Listen online to News Radio 750AM KXL (Old Internet Stream)
Lars Larson Site Directory
Stuff Mentioned on the Lars Larson Radio Show
The Lars Larson Show on iHeart Radio
The Lars Larson Show podcast on iTunes
Lars Larson Radio Show files on Sound Cloud
Subscribe/UnSubscribe to The Lars Larson Show
National Nonsense
Lars Larson Podcast Help
Subscribe to Lars Larson's News Letter
UnSubscribe to Lars Larson's News Letter
Lars Larson Interview Highlights
The Faceoff: KXL's Lars Larson vs KINK.FM's Sheila Hamilton
Faceoff: Lars Larson and Sheila Hamilton
... The Lars Larson Show North West Radio talk show. Weekdays Noon to 4pm Pacific Time.

2005 Logitech Football Challenge
Webcast of Boomer Esiason's radio broadcast of Monday Night Football

ESPN Radio
ESPN Radio pod Center
ESPN Radio - The Herd with Colin Cowherd
ESPN Radio - The Herd with Colin Cowherd
ESPN Radio Thundering Herd with Colin Cowherd podcast

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Radio Stations

Find Radio Stations On-Line by State
Find Radio Stations On-Line by State

SHG, US Radio Stations By State
... Formerly (StateHouseGirls Resources). US Radio Stations By State directory sorted by call frequency, which includes most public and private FM and AM radio stations in the United States. Also, included is the description, location, and format with live audio links when available. Click on the link to find contact information, including address, phone numbers, and web addresses of these US radio stations.

... The web's most comprehensive news resource, with thousands of free media links, online columns and special Net Gain Journalism's challenges in an interactive age A GREAT MANY of the Internet's 20-million- plus users consider Old Media's practice of top-down, father-knows-best journalism to be clunky, obsolete and irrelevant to their lives. The American Journalism Review maintains this site. It features links to newspapers throughout North America, as well as in many other parts of the world. They also have links to magazines, news services, and radio and TV networks.

... Radio-Locator, the most comprehensive radio station search engine on the internet. Links to over 10,000 radio station web pages and over 2500 audio streams from radio stations in the U.S. and around the world.

On The Radio.Net
On The Radio.Net - Find a Radio Station
... Find radio stations, phone numbers, websites and also commercials heard on the radio.

My Radio - Radio Tuner
My Radio - Radio Tuner

XM Radio - Satellite Radio
XM Radio FAQ's
XM Radio Service amd Subscription - Pricing, Plans, Service
XM Radio programming
XM Radio Listener Support - Find answers to frequently asked questions, details about system requirements, user agreements and other tips for using XM Radio Online
XM Radio Programming - Full Channel Listing
XM Radio Channel Guide (pdf) XM Radio Online Channel Lineup
XM Radio Online
XM Radio's weekly programing
Get XM Radio - Unofficial Fan Site of XM Satellite Radio. Help and Information on XM Satellite Radio
XM Radio Satellite equipment
... XM Radio is music sent to a radio receiver by a satellite. You pay a monthly subscription for the service which provides commercial free listening of over 120 channels. The channels, which range from jazz and classical to rock and rap, are consistent throughout the country so no matter where you go, the music stays with you. And compared to your local radio where you might have 2-3 of any kind of music, XM provides 5-10 stations dedicated to most types of music organized by themes such as decades, hits, independant labels, etc. The receiver is very small, mobile, and interchangeable in various accessories enabling its use in the car, at home, or with a portable boombox. Choose between XM's monthly basic service plan or the multi-year service package, and get over 170 channels, including 69 commercial-free music channels, the industry's deepest play lists, and XM Radio Online.

SIRIUS Satellite Radio
SIRIUS Satellite Radio
SIRIUS Satellite Radio Site Map
SIRIUS Satellite Radio Channel Guide (H)
SIRIUS Satellite Radio Channel guide (pdf)
SIRIUS Satellite Radio Channel guide (pdf)
... SIRIUS Radio on satellite with over 120 channels. Not all channels are available on internet radio.

Salem Communications Corporation
Salem Radio Stations

Premiere Radio Networks
... Premiere Radio Networks is America's third largest radio network. Radio's Number 1 Source of Talk, Music and Entertainment Programming.

BBC on line
BBC Today
BBC Today (Text)
BBC News
BBC News
BBC Radio
Teletubbies TV Show
... BBC British Broadcasting Corp. The world's largest news organization.
Radio Station Formats
... Hundreds of Radio stations and lots of sports. Topics include Channels, AudioBooks, Business, CD Jukebox, Education, Entertainment, Live Radio, Live TV, Music, News, Public Affairs, Shopping, Special Interest, Spiritual, Sports, Technology, Video. Also check out their merchandise store. - Internet Broadcasting, webcasting, Radio on the Net
Available Broadcasts on
... Hundreds of hours of programming every week. Archived programs in case you missed the live broadcast.

Sorensen Pacific Broadcasting
K57 (KGU)
Listen live to the Hottest Talk on Guam (RealAudio)
... News Talk K57 in Guam.

WIBC - The Voice of Indiana

KSDA-FM - Joy 92
... Advent Radio in Guam.

Armed Forces Radio News
... The five minute program is made available worldwide Monday through Friday. You can listen on the telephone by calling DSN number 312.945.5918 or 1.800.264.2066

BillBoard Magazine
... A Most popular music recorded.

... Navy-Marine Corps Military Affiliate Radio System.

WKRS Radio
... Home of the NTC Great Lakes Radio Show.

Washington Watch Radio Commentary
Today's Hot Issue
... Family Research Council (FRC).

KWWJ - Gospel 1360 AM
... MediaMazing allows listeners to choose the genres of music they want to hear, and then mix them. Bach can be interspersed with the BeeGees. Listeners also can make requests for songs to be added to their favorite formats, and they can push a skip button if they don't like the song.

Air 1, The Positive Alternative
Listen to Air 1 online
... Air 1 is using Christian Music to spread the message of Jesus Christ to the world.

Listen to K-LOVE online
Check the "Funding Status" of your local K-LOVE station
Recent News Stories on K-LOVE
K-LOVE News Archives
K-Love Top Songs Chart
K-Love Artist Links

Light Praise Radio
Listen to Light Praise Radio
Light Praise Radio Site Map
... Light Praise is a non-commercial Christian radio ministry, playing a light mix of inspirational favorites. You'll hear artists like Steve Green, Fernando Ortega, Babbie Mason and Damaris Carbaugh, plus groups like the Maranatha Artists and Vineyard Singers. They also offer several short-feature programs featuring Bible teachers like Chuck Swindoll, James Dobson and Max Lucado.

KGO News Talk AM810
Listen Live to KGO News Talk AM810
Listen Live to KGO News Talk AM810 via Real Player
Listen Live to KGO News Talk AM810 via MP3 Stream
Listen Live to KGO News Talk AM810 via Apple Quick Time
Listen Live to KGO News Talk AM810 via Windows Media
... Listen to the station that covers San Francisco, San Jose and Oakland Calif. Also listen to the SF 49ers game live each week during the NFL season.

His Kids Radio!
... His Kids Radio is a Christian station for the Young@Heart. As an outreach of Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids, MI, His Kids Radio broadcasts stories and songs around the clock through participating U.S. radio outlets.

Live 365
Live365 Knowledge Base
How to Listen to Live 365 With Windows

KNBR 680/1050: The Sports Leader
Listen live to KNBR 680/1050: The Sports Leader - Radio Stream
... A station to listen to Seattle Seahawks games.

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Oregon Radio Stations

Oregon Association of Broadcasters (OAB)
... The Oregon Association of Broadcasters was formed to promote, enhance, strengthen and defend the broadcast industry. The OAB organizes programs and activities designed to encourage and promote sound broadcast customs and practices. The OAB serves as a clearinghouse to answer all public and member's questions about the broadcast industry. The OAB is the statewide organization dedicated to building Oregon citizens' perception of free, over-the-air radio and television broadcasters.

Oregon Radio Stations
... A comprehensive list of Oregon's AM and FM radio stations, listed by city in the Oregon Blue Book.

Portland Oregon News Radio 750AM KXL
Listen online to News Radio 750AM KXL
Listen online to News Radio 750AM KXL (Old Internet Stream)
... Portland, Oregon. Some of the programs available to listen to online are Portland's Morning News (5-9am Monday - Friday) , Lars Larson (Monday - Friday, Noon - 4pm), Michael Savage (Monday - Friday, 4 - 7pm), Laura Ingraham (Monday - Friday, 7 - 10pm).

AM 1240 KQEN
... AM 1240 KQEN- Roseburg, Oregon - News, Talk, Sports Radio.

KRNR 1490 AM
... Roseburg, Oregon

KRSB Best Country 103 FM - Roseburg, Oregon
Listen live to Best Country 103
... Best Country 103.

The Wave 105.9 FM - KYSJ
... Smooth Jazz 105.9 FM, KYSJ. Serving the Southern Oregon Coast Line.


Lighthouse Radio Group
... Parent station for K-Light and The Wave.

KLCC 89.7 FM - NPR Eugen, Oregon

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Hawaii Radio Stations

Oahu, HI Radio Log
... Radio staion CALL#, AM or FM and Programing format.

KHVH 830 am
Program Schedule
... Hawaii talk radio.

KPOA - 93.5 FM
... Maui, HI, Island Sounds - Island Wide.

Hawaiian 105 KINE
... Honolulu, Hawaii.
Listen to
... Hawaiian Music Radio online 24 hours a day Free. Streaming da kine in stereo since 1999.

... Univ. of Hawaii student radio.

Stevo's Hawaiian Music Guide
Stevo's Guide to Hawaiian Music Radio Shows
... The Master Index of Hawaiian Music Info on the Web and home to the Hawaiian Internet Stereo Dial
... Honolulu's Intelligent Talk Radio.

AM 760 KGU
AM 760 KGU National Ministry Program Links (good source of program archives)
FM 95.5 "The Fish" FM 95.5 KAIM "The Fish" The radio station that is safe for the whole family
... Salem Media of Hawaii Inc.

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National Public Radio (NPR) Radio Stations

Public Radio Programs
Other Public Radio Programs

... Public Radio for Guam.

Minnesota Public Radio
Listen to Minnesota Public Radio

Hawaii Public Radio (HPR)
KIPO 89.3 FM Honolulu streaming live
... On Sundays listen to The Music of Hawaii at 3 p.m. HST.

... Abilene, Texas.

... San Francisco, California.

... College Station, Texas.

... Lawrence, Kansas.

... Jonesboro, Arkansas.

... Grand Rapids, Minnesota.

... Homer, Alaska.

... Brainerd, Minnesota.

... El Dorado, Arkansas.

... BoiseState University, Boise, Idaho.

... Columbus, Ohio.

... San Luis Obispo.

... Moorhead/Fargo Minnesota.

... Duluth/Superior, Minnesota.

... Fairfield, Connecticut.

... Edwardsville, Illinois.

... Carbondale, Illinois.

... New Bern, North Carolina.

... Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

... Orlando, Florida.

... University Center, Michigan.

... Gainesville, Florida.

... Athens, Georgia.

... Springfield, Illinois.

... Lexington, Kentucky.

... Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Book Listings WUNC's Magazine.

Listen to WUNC

... Knoxville, Tennessee.

... Ann Arbor, Michigan.

... Pensacola, Florida.

... Grand Rapids, Michigan.

... Rock Island, Illinois.

... Pittston/Scranton, Pennsylvania.

... Vermont Public Radio.

... Rhinelander, Wisconsin.

... Rochester.

... Yellow Springs, Ohio.

... Youngstown, Ohio (log in as "visitor").

WBUR 90.9FM, 1240AM
90.9FM WBUR Live
Programing Schedule
... Boston, MA. NPR news station.

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Library sites
... Select this link for library sites.

Internet Virtual Reference Desk
Internet Virtual Reference Desk News Paper Listings
... This site contains links to Newspapers, Magazines, and places of Technicial reference.

CIA Publications
... Ways the government spends your tax money.

... The Colorado Independent Publishers Association (CIPA) is a statewide cooperative of independent book publishers. CIPA was created in 1992 with the express purpose of exchanging information on publishing-related topics and organizing cooperative marketing programs. CIPA also acts as a clearinghouse for information regarding products and services of interest to independent publishers. "Publish or Perish!" That's what this site is all about. Here you can learn the ins and outs of self publishing and marketing your book, examine our hot links to other publishing and marketing sites, and find out about the benefits of joining CIPA.

Yahoo's Entertainment
... Book and Magazine sites can be linked from here.


On Now
... Live Events OnLine.

Orbusmax Northwest News - 'Around The World In 80K'
... Pacific Northwest News, Story, and Press Media Links for Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska, and Western Canada.

Oregon Magazine
... From Portland to Ashland, Astoria to Pendleton, an online Oregon Trail, a university of Oregon Travel Business Scientific Sports Nature History Arts Literature Humor.

The American Center for Democracy (ACD) / Center for the Study of Corruption (CSC)
... The American Center for Democracy and the CSC conduct research and consult on terrorist, criminal, drug-trafficking, and money laundering organizations and states and their connections.

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Blog Sites

... A blog is a personal diary. A daily pulpit. A collaborative space. A political soapbox. A breaking-news outlet. A collection of links. Your own private thoughts. Memos to the world. Your blog is whatever you want it to be. There are millions of them, in all shapes and sizes, and there are no real rules. In simple terms, a blog is a web site, where you write stuff on an ongoing basis. New stuff shows up at the top, so your visitors can read what's new. Then they comment on it or link to it or email you. Or not. Since Blogger was launched, blogs have reshaped the web, impacted politics, shaken up journalism, and enabled millions of people to have a voice and connect with others.

... A blog directory.

Google blog search

Daniel's political musings

... This web site focuses entirely on Oregon blogs, and features excerpts from posts.

Live Journal
... LiveJournal is a simple-to-use (but extremely powerful and customizable) personal publishing ("blogging") tool, built on open source software.

... Xanga is a community of online diaries and journals. You can easily start your own free journal, share thoughts with your friends and meet new friends, too.

... is a social networking service that allows members to create unique personal profiles online in order to find and communicate with old and new friends.

Freedom To Tinker
... Freedom To Tinker is your freedom to understand, discuss, repair, and modify the technological devices you own. This site is Ed Felten's personal weblog. The focus is on issues related to legal regulation of technology, and especially on legal attempts to restrict the right of technologists and citizens to tinker with technological devices. Since it's a personal weblog, he reserves the right to write about anything that strikes his fancy.

Technorati List of Popular blogs


Blog viewer
... A blog viewer that plays blogs like a slide show.

Humor in the News

Oregon Live Weblogs

Oregon Live Election Blogs

Oregon Live Iraq Blog

Oregon Live PSU Blog

Oregon Live Blazers Blog

Oregon Live Public Editor Weblog

Oregon Live Clinton Blog

Oregon Live Foster-Powell Blog

Oregon Live Kenilworth-Abernethy Blog

Oregon Live Mt. Tabor Blog

Oregon Live North Portland Blog

Oregon Live Old Town Blog

Oregon Live Pearl Blog

Oregon Live Irvington Blog

Oregon Live Hollywood Little League Blog

Oregon Live Buckman

Oregon Live Sellwood

Oregon Live Northwest Portland

Oregon Live Dogs: Tails of the City

Oregon Live Bike Fun Blog

Oregon Live The Sassy Gardener Blog

Oregon Live QPDX

Oregon Live Knit One, Blog Too

Oregon Live Bungalow, Sweet Bungalow

Oregon Live Is It Art?

Oregon Live Our Last Summer

Oregon Live Portland Pics

Oregon Live Movies Blog

Oregon Live Odd Blog

Linux Pipeline Blog


Portland Politics Examiners - Examiners explore topics and share their insights

Open Mind Required
... A blog that concentrates on informative interviews.

Joanne Unleashed
... A blog that concentrates on health and nutrition information. If you are a nut when it comes to health information, you’ll get plenty of that here.

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News Stories
Flop Tracker
Ex-Exec Tracker
Dot-Com Layoff Tracker Makes Its Own List
Hoovers: Dead Or Dwindling Dotcoms
CBS MarketWatch: Layoff Headcount
The Standard: FlopTracker
The Standard: Layoff Tracker
The Compost
Dotcom Scoop
Salon: Dotcom Dead Pool
... Dotcom Graveyard Links.

Judge: Split MS Into Two Companies - Seattle Times
The Ruling: Break MS In Two - Wired News
Microsoft: Break It Up! - Judge Jackson - Newsbytes
Judge Jackson Orders Breakup Of Microsoft - TechWeb
Envisioning Life After Windows -
Boldness, Pace Define Jackson's Rule -
Judge: Break Microsoft In Two - ZDNet News
Waiting Period Begins After MS Decision - InfoWorld
MS Ordered Split Into Two Firms - Washington Post
Judge Orders Microsoft Split - CNNfn
... Microsoft court stories.

Even Cops are Looting
Even Cops are Looting
... I guess cops need shoes too. Hope someone is watching and taking names. Disgraceful.

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News Letters

Washington Watch
Washington Watch Radio Commentary
... Family Research Council. To contact FRC by E-mail write to:

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iTunes (Windows/OS X)
Juice (Windows/OS X/Linux
jPodder (Windows/Linux)
VoiceIndigo (Windows/Cell Phone)
Podcasting software
... Podcast Software (clients) let you subscribe to and manage podcasts. For creating podcasts.

OnePlace list of Ministries Offering Podcasts

The Podcast Directory

Apple iTunes Podcasts
... Want to listen to your favorite radio shows and audio and video programs? The iTunes Store offers tens of thousands of podcasts.

NPR : Podcast Directory

Podcasts on

Digg Podcasts

The Michael Reagan Show
Subscribe to The Michael Reagan Show PodCast
The Michael Reagan Show PodCast

A Prairie Home Companion (PHC) Podcast

Lars Larson Podcast Help
NW Reports: Lars Larson comments on news and issues of the day with a Northwest perspective. Free podcast on i-tunes.

NPR Podcast Directory

The Michael Medved Show
The Michael Medved Show Podcast Help
MedHead - The Michael Medved Show Premium content website
... Membership to the Premium content website gets you exclusive audio content to The Michael Medved Show (1-month archive) and Podcastd of The Michael Medved Show.

The Michael Reagan Show

Radio America
Radio America Podcast's

Dr. J. Vernon McGee Thru the Bible
Thru the Bible with Dr. J. Vernon McGee Podcasts
MP3 Download of 5-Year Series Thru the Bible with Dr. J. Vernon McGee
... Thru the Bible takes the listener through the entire Bible in just five years, threading back and forth between the Old and New Testaments. You can begin the study at any time. When we have concluded Revelation, we will start over again in Genesis, so if you are with us for five years you will not miss any part of the Bible.

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Twitter Sites

... Twitter is a free service that lets you keep in touch with people through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing?

Follow Bob Kilpatrick on Twitter

Follow Mental Floss on Twitter

Follow The Lars Larson Show on Twitter

Follow FlexNet on Twitter

Follow Navy Fleet and Family Support Centers on Twitter

Follow The Michael Medved Show on Twitter

Follow GoodSync File Synchronization and File Backup Software on Twitter

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