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Internet Website Design, Hosting and Maintenance.
Computer Consulting and System Design.

We can design your complete web site and assist you with registering your domain name as well as finding a suitable hosting service for the site, if one is needed. Our services can include ongoing maintenance of the site once it has been launched.

Our web design and development portfolio consists of a range of projects. Most of the sites are small with only a few pages and a nice design. We want your website to be interesting and to make money if you have a product to sell. So....

1. We do not do frames, java or flash.

2. We want to keep your pages simple so they will download quickly. Frames take up valuable screen space.

3. Search engines don't always correctly read pages with frames.

4. The pages must be easy to find, download, and navigate.

5. We design websites for the non-techie decision maker. Our pages are simple. Not everyone has broadband connections, some people still have modems.