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HTML Do's and Don'ts

As you construct and format HTML pages, we suggest you make use of the following helpful tips and tricks.

DO name your main page as lowercase index.html. (always)

DO write your documents clearly and concisely.

DO back-up your documents.

DO organize the text of your document so that your readers can scan for important information.

DON'T write web pages that are dependent on pages before or after them in the structure.

DO write context independent pages.

DON'T use terminology specific to any one browser (click here, use the back button and so on).

DO spell check and proofread your documents.

DO keep your layout simple.

DON'T clutter the page with lots of pretty but unnecessary images.

DO provide alternatives to images for text-only browsers.

DO be careful with backgrounds and colored text so that you don't make your pages flashy but unreadable.

DON'T use heading tags to provide emphasis.

DO group related information both semantically (through the organization of the content) and visually (through the use of headings or by separating sections with rule lines.

DO use a consistent layout across all your pages.

DO use link menus to organize your links for quick scanning, and DO use descriptive links.

DO have good reasons for using links. DON'T link to irrelevant material.

DON'T link repeatedly to the same site on the same page.

DO always provide a link back to your home page.

DO match topics with pages.

DO provide a signature block or link to contact information on each page.